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Pix is a wine discovery platform, helping wine buyers find the next bottle to love - from the store, online, or direct from the producer.
Pix highlights for wine lovers when you’re the closest seller, the best value, the producer, or the seller who delivers. When a wine lover discovers a wine you sell, they simply click through to you to buy. We take no margin, fee or subscription. Pix turns wine shoppers into wine buyers.

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Pix is continually iterating and adding the highest value features so wine lovers will have more ways to discover new wines.

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What is Pix?

You sell excellent wines and there are wine lovers out there waiting to discover them.

Pix is the world’s first wine discovery platform. It combines inspiring content with a state-of-the-art search engine, seamlessly connecting you to wine lovers — without getting in the middle. Pix’s features help consumers discover great wines and provide real-time access to retailers’ and producers’ inventory and shipping information so wine lovers have the confidence to buy.

How much does Pix cost?

It costs nothing to list wines on Pix.

When someone clicks on one of your wines they’re immediately taken to the product page of your website. Pix doesn’t take a cut, fee, or charge for a subscription. 

When you make a sale, it’s yours. You also keep all the customer information, so you can build the customer relationship and sell to them again.

What’s the difference between Pix and other platforms?

Pix is all about discovery – that’s why it’s the world’s first wine discovery platform. We’re here to help wine lovers discover new wines and new ways of buying wine. Even if they’re not sure exactly what the wine is they’re looking for. We want them to discover your wine.

We help users discover new wines through great, rich content, a state-of-the-art, specialized search engine, and the way we display search results.

At Pix, price is not our singular focus, because we know it’s not a wine lover’s either. We’re here to show who has the wine they want nearby, or can deliver, or where it’s available direct from the winery, as well as wine sellers who offer good value.

How do I list my wines on Pix?

Getting your wines listed on Pix is simple. Depending on how you store your product information, we’ll ingest the data directly or via an API or data hook.

The first step is to fill out this form or contact our team at trade@pix.wine. We will get in touch with more details and timing based on where you store your product catalog and inventory data.

How much work is it for me to get my catalog on Pix?

It’s quick and easy (and free) to upload your catalog to Pix.

If you’re on platforms like Commerce7 or VinoShipper you don’t need to do a thing. Just let the team know you’d like to be listed.

If you already sell on Google Shopping, send us a link to your .xml feed and your catalog will be listed on Pix straight away.

But for any e-commerce platform, just answer a few simple questions about your business and our team will guide you through the uploading process.

What happens after my wines are listed on Pix?

Once on Pix, your wines will be searchable, for free. The wines will automatically appear on our results pages. When someone clicks on one of your wines they will be taken to your website immediately, where they can complete the transaction with you. We don’t take a cut, or a fee, or a subscription — and we don’t take your customers, either. They’re yours.

How will I find out what’s happening with my wines on Pix?

We’re creating Pix Business, a suite of tools giving you insight into your wines. As a wine producer this is where you will “own” your wines. Where you can edit and amend your listings, update tasting notes, and add detail.

For wine sellers, you’ll gain insights into where and when your wine is sold, helping you find better ways of targeting and selling your wines

I have more questions, who should I reach out to?

Send an email any time to trade@pix.wine. That will put you in touch with our dedicated trade team, focused on looking after wine sellers. We will always get back to you within two working days. Almost certainly much sooner.

We’d love to hear from you. Questions, comments, or suggestions? Send them over. We’re constantly looking for ways to enhance Pix, improve it, and connect more of the world’s wine lovers with people who love to sell wine.

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You sell great wines.
Pix helps wine lovers find and buy them.

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