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Pix is a wine discovery platform, helping wine buyers find the next bottle to love - from the store, online, or direct from the producer.
Pix highlights for wine lovers when you’re the closest seller, the best value, the producer, or the seller who delivers. When a wine lover discovers a wine you sell, they simply click through to you to buy. We take no margin, fee or subscription. Pix turns wine shoppers into wine buyers.

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Pix is continually iterating and adding the highest value features so wine lovers will have more ways to discover new wines.

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What is Pix?

Pix is the world’s first wine discovery platform and endless digital shelf. We combine a state-of-the-art search engine with inspiring content — seamlessly connecting wine lovers to wine sellers. Pix features help consumers discover great wines and provide real-time access to sellers’ inventory and shipping information  — without getting in the middle of the transaction. Pix makes wine more discoverable, so wine lovers have the confidence to buy.

How much does it cost to list products on Pix?

Pix is free to list on. When someone clicks on one of your wines, they’re immediately taken to the product page of the seller’s site. Pix doesn’t take a cut, fee, or charge for a subscription, so when you make a sale, it’s yours. You also keep the customer information to build relationships and sell to them again.

How do I list my wines on Pix?

Depending on your e-commerce platform, we have different options for listing your wines and shop on Pix. Click here to get started.

How are wine prices collected?

Since Pix integrates directly with your e-commerce store, we receive any product or pricing updates related to your offer directly from your feed. 

Can I merchandise my products on Pix?

Yes! Pix is an endless digital shelf, and you can enhance the consumer shopping experience with targeted merchandising on Pix. We have different options and levels of merchandising when our dedicated wine team looks after your brands. If you’re interested in merchandising on Pix, reach out to trade@pix.wine — we’d love to share more.

Does Pix provide product and market data?

Yes, if you’re part of our merchandising program, you’ll have access to monthly performance reports with product performance and market intelligence to make decisions and spot trends. To learn more, reach out to trade@pix.wine.

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