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The Drop’s Wine Horoscopes for 2022

Jupiter, the planet of good luck, enters Pisces and liquid is sloshing everywhere

Pixie Stardust By January 7, 2022
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These horoscopes are provided for entertainment purposes only. The fact that they’re amazingly accurate is just a coincidence.

Good news, members of the zodiac! Jupiter, the planet of luck and benevolence, is entering his own house of Pisces and spreading charm, dreams, and good luck as he goes. Also, water. In April he meets up with Neptune, god of the sea, and the water will flow. Rain, rivers, and tears will come flooding. Those of you who live in the basement need to relocate to higher ground or build flood walls.

Everyone who likes drama will be pleased to know that the horoscope of the United States will have its Pluto return this year. Pluto rules the domain of the underworld, including death, power, rebirth, and things buried underground, including treasure. This could be the year that some of the great lost treasures are finally found. Pro tip: Invest in a metal detector.

bottle if Guerrieri Gonzaga San Leonardo Trentino-Alto Adige Red 2016


This is going to be a year full of energy, Aries, thanks to the fact you’re starting the year with your ruler, Mars, in your First House, which rules you personally. You will have energy galore and be ready to take on any challenge. Find a constructive way to channel all that energy, because you need to exercise patience right now; there’s a lot happening behind the scenes that will be thrown off balance by you being overactive. Everything this year is building toward the ingress of Jupiter into Aries in December 2022, when your life will explode with opportunity. Blow off excess energy by doing something constructively martial. Take up fencing, or boxing, or something that lets you get your aggression out in a controlled way. Your career is heavily emphasized, with people quietly watching you and considering you for promotions and opportunities. It looks like everybody wants a piece of you, so be careful not to burn out. Oh, and secrets will rise to the surface in 2022, while babies and children will play a role in your life. Did you leave a baby on a train, by any chance? This is the year they find you. 

Guerrieri Gonzaga San Leonardo Trentino-Alto Adige Red 2016 ($58)

In a shed out the back of San Leonardo is a fold-up American WWII paratrooper motorbike. These bikes were dropped from planes behind enemy lines, so the paratrooper could grab one and get away at top speed. This particular bike fell from the plane … into the Roman garden of a member of the Gonzaga family, who happened to be a bike enthusiast. He rode it all the way to Alto Adige. How’s that for a piece of military good luck? The property was also occupied during the war, but survived and went back into family hands. In other words, this wine is a wonderful symbol of surviving war-like aggression with panache. Pour a glass and vow to think twice before taking any aggressive action. It’s an elegant, restrained, and classic Bordeaux blend, with aromas of violets and roses leading to a palate of blackberry and black currant fruit. Lovely drinking now, but can also be cellared and opened to celebrate the lucky transit in December 2022.

bottle of Ferrari Trentodoc Brut Metodo Classico NV


Your time has come, Taurus! This year, you are the belle of the ball, particularly on the career front. Those Taureans who have anything to do with architecture, construction, real estate, or interior design will find that 2022 brings one of the biggest projects and opportunities of your life. Build that skyscraper! Some things to be cautious about: electrical wiring and basements. If you happen to be a parking lot developer, stay out of flood plains! Or watch your investment get washed away. Everybody will beat a path to your door to seek your advice. Many of you will find the frenetic pace deeply uncomfortable because Taureans want things done slowly and carefully. Just give in to it, and accept that all your hard work is paying off. Around April, you will find weepy friends knocking on the door, seeking solace and advice. Help them out, because come the end of April, you might need a shoulder or two to cry on for yourself, as the eclipse in Taurus shakes up many of the things you took for granted.

Ferrari Trentodoc Brut Metodo Classico NV ($21)

It’s time to live a little, Taurus, so open up this bottle of fine sparkling wine and serve it to the people knocking on your door. Ferrari, one of Italy’s most prestigious sparkling wine houses, is owned by the tight-knit Lunelli family, who remain grounded and down-to-earth, no matter how many glamorous events they go to. Step outside the winery door, and the staggering Dolomite Mountains rise on the horizon in front of you. Let this wine remind you that 2022 is your year for blue sky thinking, Taurus, and that the mountains have got your back. Also, this wine is great value for money.

bottle of Christmann Pfalz Riesling 2018


Boy, are you attracting some interesting people this year. Some downright unconventional people, who are probably involved in drugs or alcohol. Everybody from anesthetists to sommeliers will be crossing your path, bringing new perspectives along with them. And that’s probably enough said about that. You also have a traffic jam in your Ninth House, which rules — among other things — spirituality and religion. Do NOT be tempted to either start a cult or join one in 2022, because you’ll be arrested. Wait until 2023, when the omens look much better. Instead, sign up for a course of study or professional development, as it will pay dividends many times over in the next four or five years. Learning a foreign language will be a particularly good choice, as international travel is also indicated. Your creativity is off the charts this year, so pursue it.

Christmann Pfalz Riesling 2018 ($24)

Gemini, you need focus and precision this year, to stop you from flailing in all directions and getting mixed up with bad people. This minerally Riesling is the perfect symbol of focus, so stock up. It comes from the Christmann winery, in a little German village called Gimmeldingen, where everything is neat, tidy, and tranquil. Steffen Christmann, who made this wine, has played an outsized role in the German wine industry during his career, helping to frame the rules around wine classification. Not only is he personally focused and disciplined, but his wines are elegant and long-lasting, and built for the future. They have excitement from the acidity, with a strong backbone. Just what you need.

bottle of Château de Sales Pomerol 2019


If you have siblings, you’ll be seeing a lot of them this year, and they’ll be bringing all their drama to your door, begging you to sort it out. Friends who are close enough to be considered siblings will also exhibit this same energy, so stock up on snacks, tissues, and handkerchiefs. This is also a year where it’s important to get legal issues sorted out, whether that’s finally writing or updating your will, or checking that your insurances are all up-to-date. Hassle your nearest and dearest to update their life insurance, too, because there’s a lot of activity in your Eighth House, which rules goods of the dead. The good side of this is that you could get an unexpected and very welcome inheritance from an unexpected source this year; the bad side is having to sort out the mess when old Uncle Bill dies intestate. Travel is indicated all year, from lots of short trips, to long ones that will take you away from home for a while. And, here’s the good news: You will forge an important partnership of some kind this year, whether that means getting married, meeting the person you will marry, or forming a long-term and lucrative business partnership.

Château de Sales Pomerol 2019 ($42)

This newly-restored château has been held by the same family for more than 500 years, through the French Revolution and the German occupation during WWII. Today, multiple members of the family share ownership, and part of their management plan is openness and honesty among each other. It’s the perfect symbol of how people and institutions with strong and honest relationships can not only survive anything, but can build and preserve wonderful things. This makes it the perfect wine for you to have on your shelf this year, Cancer. Not only that, it’s delicious. Silky tannins, joyous acidity, and black and red berry fruit flavors lead to a long aftertaste. 

bottle of Abadia Retuerta Sardon de Duero Seleccion Especial 2016


You look like you’ve suddenly become a workaholic, Leo. Either that, or you’re in such hot demand that people are breaking down your door, begging you to contribute to their projects. This is your chance to rise high! To climb the greasy pole! If you put the work in this year, you’ll find that the payoff in 2023, in terms of promotions, money, and prestige, will be enormous. The chances of finding romance through work this year are also extremely high. With the Moon shining in your First House of self, you’re like a beacon in the night, and everybody is attracted to you. But please, don’t steal clients. That’s bad ju-ju. Don’t take on too much, because Saturn, the planet of boundaries, will be on your tail all year, demanding you finish everything you’ve agreed to. Best strategy: Make no promises and stay on the sofa. 

Abadia Retuerta Sardon de Duero Seleccion Especial 2016 ($26)

Abadia Retuerta used to be a medieval monastery. Then it sort of fell apart, until it was restored by the Swiss in the past decade. Today, the property includes a luxury hotel and spa, plus a Michelin-star restaurant. It’s even got a landing place for your private helicopter. This wine is made from Tempranillo and offers a great flavor and complexity, with berry fruit, leather, spice, and chocolate. In other words, it’s the perfect wine for a Leo: luxurious, generous, and perfect for sharing. 

bottle of Tyrrell’s Hunter Valley Semillon 2019


Oh what a dilemma 2022 is dishing up for you, Virgo, by offering you romance and creativity on a platter. Every time you turn around, there will be an amazing opportunity when you least expect it. A new fashion store that offers cut-price designer clothes, whose owner picks out dazzling new clothes for you. A sweet child who encourages you to join in the finger painting. A potential romantic partner with a dazzling smile. But, woe is you, Virgo, because all of these people are asking you to step out of your comfort zone and do things differently. That amazing gown? Not something you would buy for yourself. Will it make you look stupid? Will the finger painting leave streaks on your crisp white shirt? Is that lovely person trustworthy? Your 2022 is to learn how to take creative and romantic risks.

Tyrrell’s Hunter Valley Semillon 2019 ($27)

Time to unlock the pleasures of the unexpected, Virgo, and you can start with this wine. The Hunter Valley in Australia, a couple of hours’ drive from Sydney, is the home of this unusual single varietal wine. An unoaked white, it’s a crisp, grassy white that, when young, is good for enjoying by itself. But its true self shows with age, when it unexpectedly shows characters of lanolin, toast, and bread, all of which are characters normally associated with oak — yet it’s unoaked. Tyrrell’s winery, founded in 1858, is one of Australia’s oldest, and it’s one of the classic producers of this style, so you’re in good hands. 

bottle of Iago Mtsvane Marina 2019


If you’ve been thinking about buying your first home, or investing in property, or building an extension, this is the year to do it, because your chart is screaming “real estate luck.” And if you’re not already working from home, then you should do so, because Jupiter and Neptune are lining up in your house of work. That means floods, leaks, and irritating dripping taps to have to deal with back at the office. This could also indicate a metaphorical leak — that someone at work is sharing company secrets that they shouldn’t. In any case, best to stay away. Of course, you could always embrace the watery energy and join the navy. That works. On the personal front, it’s time to catch up with people and do more socializing. It looks like you’ve let some of your closest friendships slide in the past year, to the detriment of your mental health and wellbeing. If you get the chance to travel to see people, grab it. It will do you the world of good.

Iago Mtsvane Marina 2019 ($24)

It’s time to put down roots, Libra. This Georgian wine from Khaheti is made in amphora, buried in the earth. But what’s particularly lovely about the qvevri room, is that the walls are covered in writing from visitors, who write about how much they appreciate the wines and winemaking. A wine that’s deep amber in color, it’s herbal, mineral, refreshing, and aromatic, with an excellent tannic structure. A wine from the heart.

bottle of Eva Fricke Pinot Noir Brut Nature Rosé 2018


If you’ve ever wanted to marry someone for money, this is the year you’ll do it, as there is romance energy all over your Second House of money. If that doesn’t appeal, or if you’re already snuggled up with someone, consider tapping into the energy by writing spicy romantic novels or making your own movies. You will attract a huge audience and make enormous amounts of money. Indeed, this may well be one of the most creative and rewarding years of your life, as your energy and inspiration is high. There is also lots of contact with younger people written in the heavens, which may indicate actual young people, or simply that this year you have your finger on the pulse of the youth market. Lots of reunions are indicated, particularly with family members. Go forth and take the world by storm, Scorpio. You know you want to.

Eva Fricke Pinot Noir Brut Nature Rosé 2018 ($72)

Lighten up, Scorpio. Things are looking bright. So why not start the year right, and open up a celebratory wine? Eva Fricke from the Rheingau is part of a revolutionary movement in Germany, which is producing world-beating bubbly that can easily hold their own against the great sparkling wines of the world. Unleashed ambition and creativity, combined with hard work, can produce great things.

bottle of Donnafugata Bell'assai Frappato 2019


Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution, only for something to come along and undermine it, almost immediately? For example,  you decide to start saving, and suddenly a big bill appears from nowhere? That’s what your finances are going to be like this year, Sagittarius. But fear not, because 2022 offers you a wonderful opportunity to build wealth. Any bills that come in are just clearing a path, getting all the old obligations out of the way. If you’ve been shying away from learning new digital or software skills, don’t put it off any longer, because the digital and technological realm will bring you great rewards this year. Socially, your star is rising. If you’ve ever wanted to take up stand-up comedy, this is the year to do it, because you’re at your funny and exuberant best in 2022. 

Donnafugata Bell’assai Frappato 2019 ($24)

This is one of those unexpected wines that wow. A child of Sangiovese and some other, unknown grape, Frappato hails from hospitable Sicily. It doesn’t matter what happens in Sicily, from conquest to volcanic eruption, the Sicilians make something new and wonderful from it. This ruby-garnet wine has lovely soft tannins, the taste of cherries and strawberries, and an animated personality that makes it perfect for sharing.

bottle of Filipa Pato "Nossa Calcario" Bairrado Branco 2020


Carpe diem, Capricorn. It will be many years before you experience a planetary line-up this powerful. It’s like half the solar system is cheering you on, encouraging you in your endeavors. You have been working hard for a long time, and while people appreciate all that you do, you haven’t seen the rewards and recognition that you should. Partly that’s because we live in an age that demands self-promotion, which is something you’re acutely uncomfortable with. This year, if you’re offered an opportunity to shine in public, take it. You won’t regret it. And yet there will be some sacrifices to make. Your heart is tugging you in a different direction, towards nostalgia and sentimentality, and catching up with friends. You’ve got this, Capricorn. It’s not one thing or the other. As you know, more than any other sign, it’s all about the scheduling. Just put children, family and friends into your Google calendar. Job done.

Filipa Pato “Nossa Calcario” Bairrado Branco 2020 ($33)

Portuguese winemaker Filipa Pato originally studied chemical engineering, a very Capricornian occupation, but went on to become a singular winemaker, who has rehabilitated old vineyards. Whether she’s an actual Capricorn is unknown, but her focus and ability is something any Capricorn can admire. This wine is an amazing achievement, because it offers so much, with so little winemaking intervention. Its core is a spine of minerality, off which hang tingling pear and stone fruit flavors. Serve with a fish stew.

bottle of Badenhorst Secateurs Swartland Chenin Blanc 2020


The first four months of 2022 are going to be exceptionally lucky for you, Aquarius, so seize the moment. If you’ve been prevaricating over making big changes, don’t wait any longer. This is the year that you reap what you’ve sown in the last decade, on every front; it’s the year you find out who you really are, and what the people around you are made of. The lunar eclipse in Scorpio in May will bring unexpected career opportunities. You’re at the beginning of a two-and-a-half-year cycle that will set the course of your life for years to come. That’s why you need to make positive changes, to ensure you set yourself on the right path. Whatever money woes you’ve been having will continue to pinch for a while, only to resolve at the end of 2022. Time to spring clean and prune things you don’t need, from your sock drawer to your filing cabinet.

Badenhorst Secateurs Swartland Chenin Blanc 2020 ($18)

This Chenin Blanc from South Africa is not just amazingly well-priced, but has won legions of fans for its layers of flavors, from the green apple, lime, and lemon, through to the hints of toffee and honey. A.A. Badenhorst is one of the pioneers of Swartland, and the label refers, of course, to the secateurs used to prune the bush vines.

bottle of Mullineux Family Wines Swartland Syrah 2017


This is your year, Pisces, as in April Jupiter the beneficent planet of luck and good fortune, moves in and out of your sign, which happens to be his own. He also hooks up with Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces. Between them, they bring dreams, glamor and wonderful illusions.

Illusion isn’t a bad thing, depending on context: movies and novels are illusions we cherish. The temptation for escapism will loom large in 2022, Pisces, so make sure you give into it in a positive way. Make that movie, spin that tapestry. Avoid criminals and dens of vice, no matter how alluring. You have great luck indicated in the Seventh House, where long-term partners of all kinds are to be found. Your path to happiness this year lies through other people, because Jupiter likes social connections. Positive ones, of course.

Mullineux Family Wines Swartland Syrah 2017 ($44)

With so much water sloshing through your chart, you needed to stay grounded, making this the perfect wine for you. The vines are grown on slate, schist and granite soils, meaning they have to work to bear fruit, particularly since Swartland has suffered water shortages in recent years. The wine is aged for 15 months in French oak and fermented with indigenous yeasts. There are no shortcuts and no illusions. What emerges is a wonderful wine offering rose and violet aromas interspersed with spice, and a restrained palate of silky tannins. It’s a wine to share with other people.

Wine critic Alice Feiring will return in February. This month’s wines were chosen by Pixie Stardust, so don’t blame Alice if they’re not to your taste.