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The Drop’s Wine Horoscopes for September 2021

Fair warning: Neptune is dissolving boundaries and emotions come tumbling out

Pixie Stardust and Alice Feiring By September 1, 2021
photo illustration of wine bottles surrounded by astrology signs
Photo illustration by Allison Kahler.

Disclaimer: These horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only. They’re not true — until they are. Also, for best results, read for your rising sign

Jupiter, the mighty planet of fortune, is travelling backward, moving from Aquarius to Capricorn, where he arrives in mid-September. This signals a time of endings and work to be finished.

bottle of Du Grappin Nature Beaujolais Village 2019


As Summer fades, you find yourself full of adrenaline; your ruler Mars has decided to challenge lucky Jupiter to a fight. There’s a good way and a bad way to use this energy. The bad way is to erupt in anger and pick fights with people over minor things, particularly at work. The right way is to demonstrate your leadership qualities, by taking all the decisions without being asked. Are people trying to decide how to spend company money? Pick up the phone and place an order! Do your friends agonize over what dishes to try? Call the waiter over and place the order, without wasting time arguing. Everybody will thank you … eventually. Oh, and if you’re in the market for romance, the first half of September shines with possibility.

Du Grappin Nature Beaujolais Village 2019 ($20)

Although 2019 was a difficult year, some people — like Andrew Nielsen, the Aussie making Burgundy — did brilliantly with his Beaujolais plots. This is from a 50-year-old parcel and delivers a savory edge on the full fruit, with a bit of leaf and berry and subtle, sand tannins. 

bottle of Slavcek Sivi Pinot Grigio 2019


This month, your chart is the spitting image of the character Ted Lasso. If he were real and had a chart. Which he doesn’t. Anyway, all your best qualities are on display this September, from your loyalty and dependability, through to your dogged determination to get the job done. If you’re a rural Taurean, your skills in barn raising, home decorating and cat sitting will be in hot demand. But your kindness and decency will finally pay off, when you meet someone socially who will prove to be a door-opener for you, though the opportunity may take a while to manifest. You will also hear from people from your past, like you’re having a high school reunion or something. Someone may even bring a pie around.

Slavcek Sivi Pinot Grigio 2019 ($18)

This month, go for a gentle wine, to reinforce the best of your best. This is a lovely, pretty Pinot Gris from Slovenia. The sweet nature of Franc Vodopivec, the human who makes this wine, shines through, though you might want to keep it open for a day to really see what this white wine can do.

bottle of Marc Pesnot Domaine de la Sénéchalière La Bohème 2020


Time to get organized, Gemini, because the pressure will really be on this month. Work is ramping up, more will be expected of you, and there are family pressures to contend with as well. There’s so much going on, it will be hard not to get distracted. But what you must do is reach out to the person or persons you’ve been admiring from afar, because they will be receptive to hearing from you. So write that fan letter to your favorite celebrity, or ask that person out. There is also a traffic jam in your horoscope in the area of the chart that rules children, so it looks like you’re either going to be swarmed with actual children, or — more tediously — people around you will be acting childishly. If the former, take the day off and have the time of your life. If the latter, take the day off to get away from them. Or just plain take a day off. You really need it.

Marc Pesnot Domaine de la Sénéchalière La Bohème 2020 ($23)

A wine of innocence is what is needed, and this one from Marc Pesnot, from Muscadet in France, hits the juicy jump on the trampoline mark. Lemon and salt air and freshness. Pure joy.

bottle of Domaine de la Tournelle Arbois Uva Arbosiana 2019


From the look of your chart, matters of inheritance weigh heavily on you this month. You’ve got a traffic jam of planets in the nitpicking sign of Virgo in your fourth house of home and family, plus you’ve got heavyweights Pluto and Saturn in your eighth house of inheritance, while the moon hangs over everything, giving everything an emotional glow. In other words, you’re brooding over people who were mean to you, or parents who didn’t give you everything you needed, or the rich grandma who left all her money to someone else, which, admittedly, sucks. You need to vent. But, please, not to the rest of us. Instead, write everything down. Jupiter, planet of good fortune, is hanging out in your ninth house of publishing, so if you put some elbow grease into it, you could have a bestselling memoir on your hands. By the way, that same line-up could indicate that some of you are in for a windfall from grandma. Fingers crossed.

Domaine de la Tournelle Arbois Uva Arbosiana 2019 ($42)

Sorrow demands redemption; the last full vintage of the most beautiful expression of translucent Poulsard, by vigneron Pascal Clairet, is a piece of beauty to touch the soul. 

bottle of Cinque Campi Lambrusco Rosso 2020


September simply glitters with possibility for you, Leo, particularly in the area of money. Have you heard about the people who are using remote working to sign on for a second job, thus drawing two full time salaries? The trick, apparently, is to do as little as possible for each employer. This is a strategy just made for Leo — you know that lions sleep up to 20 hours a day, right? But if even the thought of extra work is making you feel like a nap, never fear. You can still cash in on this month’s opportunities, by using your warm and generous personality to get other people to do your bidding, without them even realizing it. You’ll look super productive and in control, without raising a finger. Just be warned that management will be on your case around September 25, so be on the ball. And then knock off and have a drink.

Cinque Campi Lambrusco Rosso 2020 ($22)

Time to come down to earth with the farmers who make wine for the lions, like Vanni Nizzoli. This is a blend of Lambrusco grapes: Lambrusco Grasparossa, Malbo Gentile, and Marzemino, vinified in concrete, and conditioned with a little frozen must, so bubbles happen. Yum! Man, he makes good wine in his simple, I’m a farmer way; he could teach you a lesson, Leo.

bottle of Danjou-Banessy La Truffière Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes Rouge 2017


Happy birthday, Virgo! With both Mars and the Sun in your sign, you’re feeling energized and ready to go. And you know what that means! You’re desperate to get on with spring cleaning and accounting, because you love nothing so much as getting organized. But this month’s new moon in Virgo, ruler of emotions, is not only knocking at the door and demanding to be heard, but she’s backed up by dreamy but powerful Neptune, who dissolves boundaries. It’s as though you’ve put matters of the heart behind a wall for too long, and that wall is now coming down. This has the potential to be one of the most extraordinary months of your life for love, romance, and relationships. But as Shakespeare put it: past is prologue. You could take advantage of the planetary alignments and let love and beauty into your life. But you’re a Virgo, and getting on with cleaning is ingrained in you, so you probably won’t. Never mind. You’re on track to make loads of money this month. Let that be enough.

Danjou-Banessy La Truffière Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes Rouge 2017 ($45)

You know it’s your birthday and since you get to drink what you want, make it Grenache. With a taste like a blueberry wrapped in a stone, it’s as if it’s the artery to your heart.

bottle of Podere Anima Mundi Kiss & Fly 2019


This month, you are at your most charming, and people can’t stop confiding in you. That’s right! The most delicious gossip is heading your way. You won’t necessarily believe everything you hear — all right, you will — but it looks like a great unburdening of secrets is coming. For some of you, this will be a serious matter, because you’ll be privy to the kind of information that makes you stop and think: should I be calling the police right now? Libra is the sign of justice, so whatever you decide, you’re probably right. Just be aware that under these planetary pressures, you’re also at risk of blurting out confidential information. Resist the temptation at all costs, because there will be consequences. Apart from that, this is a good month for romantic dalliances. Whoever you meet this month will, of course, be full of secrets just waiting to be uncovered.

Podere Anima Mundi Kiss & Fly 2019 ($22)

Nothing teaches you more about hidden secrets than reduction in wine. When it’s the right kind of reduction, it covers the fruit with some iron and rust-like qualities, only to waft away and reveal beauty. Such is the case with this textural, lemon peel, Tuscan Vermentino.

bottle of Chëpìka Catawba Rose Finger Lakes 2020


Well, this is going to be a shock to the system. There you are, living your best secretive life as a Scorpio, and suddenly there are invitations cascading into your inbox that you simply can’t get out of. Some of them will come from work colleagues, who look mighty pushy and insistent. Others look more official, as if you’re being invited into the principal’s office to explain yourself. What you need, Scorpio, is an excuse. Something that makes it look like you’re talking and socializing, while you’re actually still behind the scenes, pulling strings in comforting darkness. If you’ve ever dreamed of founding a public relations company to rehabilitate the reputations of disgraced politicians, now’s the time. A new moon in your house of socializing early on in the month suggests you will meet and impress plenty of powerful and influential people, to your future benefit.

Chëpìka Catawba Rose Finger Lakes 2020 ($24)

From the Finger Lakes comes this gorgeous cherry-water colored fizzy wine that you pop and slug. Pour it and get an instant conversation starter. Who made it? Famed sommelier Pascaline Lepeltier. From what? Catawba. Huh? While some bubbles slow you down, this fires you up. 

bottle of Vinho Branco Vale da Capucha Branco Especial NV


Bad weather is coming your way, and that’s not meant metaphorically, but literally. Rain, floods, overflows are all indicated in September, so make sure your taps, pipes, toilets, roof, and basement are all flood and leak proof, as soon as you can. On the good side, this is an excellent time to bum money from your parents, convince a venture capitalist that you’re worth investing in, or get sweet old ladies to tell you where their money jars are buried. People will be charmed by your exuberance and kindness, which means there’s nothing they won’t sign, if you put some contracts in front of them. Just make sure you open the Champagne very, very carefully, because remember — this is a month for overflow. You might want to order in some extra towels.

Vinho Branco Vale da Capucha Branco Especial NV ($45)

You’ll need a blend of intellect and instinct this month, which is where this wine comes in. A blend of wines from a solera started in 2013, the result is a deliciously intriguing wine that mixes tamari umami and oyster shells with plenty of salt and a little bit of gentle-textured plump apricot. 

bottle of Domaine de l'Octavin Pamina Arbois 2019


You have irons in many, many fires this September. But you tend to be cautious and well-organized by nature and so are unlikely to flame out. In fact, this is a time to go as deep as possible into all your various projects. That’s because your ruler, Saturn, is currently residing in his holiday house of Aquarius, while Pluto, the lord of the underworld, is in your own sign of Capricorn. With that kind of energy at your command, you can accomplish great things. Your greatest area of success will be at the intersection of technology and commerce. The theme of self-sufficiency has been building up all year, and you may meet potential business partners this month, who will open a way for you to start your own enterprise. On the domestic front, it looks like loved ones will be in need of your emotional attention. Distract them with shiny objects — you’ve got work to do.

Domaine de l’Octavin Pamina Arbois 2019 ($74)

This might not be every one’s idea of a shiny object, but it is ours. From Alice Bouvot in the Jura comes this extremely beautiful, multi-faceted expression of Chardonnay, a grape that can be dull and dumb in lesser hands. This is attention getting, classy, ethereal, seductive. Oh yeah, and pricey. But so are sapphires.

bottle of Julien Rousselot Vigneron Sur Le Pouce Vin de France 2019


Woah! Your chart positively vibrates with energy. For someone who’s mostly logic-oriented, you’re really in tune with the feelz this month. Warm, emotional energy is coming in from all directions and you feel in loving harmony with the world. Just watch out for some friction in your physical home. This could manifest as unnecessary arguments with the in-laws, a disagreement with a building contractor, or a sign that you need to get your electrical wiring checked. A baby is indicated as well; either you’re working on a love project that will turn into something with growth potential, or it’s a sign that you’re getting carried away with all the smooches and a real baby is in your future. You’re at the very beginning of a momentous 12-year-cycle of good luck, so whatever that baby symbolizes, you’re going to be stuck with it. Choose well.

Julien Rousselot Vigneron Sur Le Pouce Vin de France 2019 ($27)

Did someone say on the go? Creative? This will spark those juices. Underachiever Grolleau gets its full due here. The wine has a dash of carbon dioxide, plus density and flexibility, and what I believe Jules Chauvet would call plasticité, resilience. There’s a sophisticated ripeness and maturity and the good terroir shines through with a breeze. I think it would work great with the anchovies and olives of a Pissaladière, or onion tart.

bottle of De la Riva Manzanilla Pasada Balbaina Alta


One of the most surprising things that’s happened this year has been the sight of employees quitting in droves. Not just people with poorly-paid jobs, but people with career jobs, who seemed happy, until they weren’t. For some people, meaning you, Pisces, obviously, the current time feels like a reckoning, accompanied by a strong desire to pull down the ancien regime. It’s time to walk away from something you were heavily invested in. Ah, but which bit of your life needs to be dispensed with? That’s an interesting question. Maybe it’s your job, maybe it’s a toxic relationship — or maybe it’s an outworn dream or fantasy that needs to be packed away. This is a month for truth telling, and for discovering that, perhaps, institutions and structures that once seemed restrictive had your back all along.

De la Riva Manzanilla Pasada Balbaina Alta ($99)

It’s time for an extraordinary sherry. The wine lasts forever, so even if pricey, you can enjoy it when you’re unemployed. A little every day will get you through. It hits that sweet spot of salty, fresh breeze and caramel dryness that resonates way deep.