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The Drop’s Wine Horoscopes for June 2021

Whether you need to entertain friends or go on the run, here are the perfect wine matches

photo illustration of wine and night astronomy
Photo illustration by Allison Kahler.

Disclaimer: Astrology is for entertainment purposes only. So, please, don’t make wine investment decisions based on this advice. Even though the wines are great.

This month, Jupiter, planet of good luck and expansion, enters Pisces, the sign of wine lovers. That means it’s time for a glass of something good.

bottle of Vino di Anna Mount Etna Qvevri Rosso


Relief is the word for this month. You’ve been held back for a while now, as if the world has been a stern parent treating you like a toddler, saying, “Nope, you can’t have that, and not that either.” This month the brakes come off and — woah! — you’re ready to get out and party. The universe is pleased to oblige. Not only will friends be calling, but people you haven’t seen for a while will be back in your life, doing their best to lure you into dark dens of overpriced cocktails. Don’t give in to this siren call. The temptation to spend too much money is all over your chart, so split a bottle of moderately priced wine instead. 

Vino di Anna Mount Etna Qvevri Rosso ($35)

Who’s brave enough to grow Nerello Masceles on a belching volcano? Fire people who live on the edge, that’s who. Fermented in a buried clay pot, this wine has energy just waiting to be released. Expect brooding sensitivity, packed with fire-flecked blackberry fruit.

bottle of Alice et Olivier de Moor ‘Le Vendangeur Masqué’ Chablis


Mars is banging on the door of your domestic life, demanding you paint the walls fire-engine red or move somewhere more exciting — and telling you to do it right now. Resist the urge because it will only lead to fights. Instead, live vicariously through other people’s mistakes. Go to flea markets (or eBay) and marvel at the junk that people used to hang on their walls. Or flip through expired fashion magazines, grateful that you never wore any of that hideous stuff. You’ve got a great eye, so who knows? You might just find something valuable hidden under that teetering pile of trash. Then have a glass of a crisp classic white, while leisurely sketching out your ideal future.

Alice et Olivier de Moor ‘Le Vendangeur Masqué’ Chablis ($44)

This wine is aspirational yet sensible, frivolous with a dash of lemon confit, a treasure priced like an everyday sweater. Perfect for sipping when you take out the notepad.

bottle of Rita & Rudolf Trossen ‘Purpur Purus’ Mosel Rotwein Trocken


The June air is filled with the chirping of non stop chatter, as you — and everybody around you — unleash a torrent of words. There are many things happening on the work front and a lot of news to share, but it’s hard to get a word in edgewise. Which is a good thing, frankly, because your chart is screaming, “Keep your mouth shut!” If you’re looking for love, this is the right moment to nudge your friends into scrolling through their contacts for you, because your path to romance is through an existing connection. For safest results this month, stick to low alcohol wines.

Rita & Rudolf Trossen ‘Purpur Purus’ Mosel Rotwein Trocken ($38)

A blend of Dornfelder and Pinot Noir, it’s a Janus wine with two faces: all cool slate chisel on the surface, but berries underneath. How could a Gemini resist? At 11% alcohol by volume, it will keep you discreet — as long as you don’t drink the whole bottle. Which will be difficult.

bottle of Domaine Stéphane Guion Cuvée Prestige Bourgueil Rouge


The rest of the zodiac is out having fun, and you’re mad about it. Or, you’re energised about something and planning your next move with breathless anticipation. Maybe it’s both. It’s hard to tell with Cancers. And it’s especially hard to read your heart this month because there’s a planetary traffic jam in the part of your chart that rules secrets. Who knows what’s going on with you people. Maybe you’re tucked away in your attic writing romance novels. Maybe you’re plotting against your enemies. Whatever it is, see it through by opening a bottle of something familiar and reliable, that’s stood the test of time. Also, try not to kill anybody.

Domaine Stéphane Guion Cuvée Prestige Bourgueil Rouge ($17)

There’s nothing more Cancerian than a Cabernet Franc from vines that sit on ancient seabed soils in the Loire Valley that’s then been aged in older oak barrels. The wine is congenial, more savory than fruity. Comforting. 

bottle of Jacques Selosse ‘V.O.’ Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Champagne NV


This month’s Mars opposition to Pluto demands that you bring wholehearted passion to bear on your work. But opening those emotional doors risks stirring up old resentments, particularly over who’s owed what. Take charge and channel this incredible burst of planetary energy into close-to-the-heart projects, and watch them flourish. Also, shower your friends and colleagues with Leonine warmth and wit to make them feel radiant. They will either come on board with your projects or they’ll have your back. Which is not to suggest that you’ll require defending, exactly — it’s more that having a roving band of vigilantes on call is never a bad thing. Rally the troops by pouring everybody a generous helping of Champagne.

Jacques Selosse ‘V.O.’ Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Champagne NV ($400)

This glorious “Version Originale” (V.O.) is a blend of three consecutive vintages that are aged for 42 months and bottled with a smidge of dosage. Typically released six years after the most recent harvest in the blend, the result is built to impress. Taste the violet flowers running through fresh ocean waves. The precision and immense depth will cost you a bundle, but if you have it, why drink anything else?

bottle of Raphaël Bartucci Bugey Cerdon Rosé Méthode Ancestrale NV


Do you hear that swishing? It’s the sound of a wand in motion, conjuring magic into your life. Venus is smooching up to Jupiter, which means love, romance, or another heart’s desire is about to be yours. It’s a random, once-in-12-years piece of luck that overturns the orderly rhythms of your life. So shred your to-do lists, burn your Excel spreadsheets, and dare to audition for that coveted role. Pro tip: Curb your plain speaking for a few weeks, just to be safe — and remember to thank the little people when they hand you your statuette. Then pour yourself a glass of exuberantly pink rosé and sink into a bubble bath like an old-time movie star. Specifically the one in “Sunset Boulevard.”

Raphaël Bartucci Bugey Cerdon Rosé Méthode Ancestrale NV ($25)

A traditional semi-sweet sparkler from the area that charms everyone, even the “I only drink dry crowd.” Whether sipping alone or in a tub built for two, luxuriate in the ultra-ripe spring raspberries. A mere 6% ABV, this will keep you clearheaded while you plot your next move.

bottle of Nikoladzeebis Marani Orkhvi Tsolikouri 2018


Are you on the run, by any chance? If so, turn yourself in. Pluto, lord of the underworld, is all over your chart this month, and he traditionally brings along an investigation or a reckoning with power. But don’t worry. You have a power of your own: charm. Use it to explain yourself to the nice officers and everything will be fine. Otherwise, seize this moment to ask some questions of your own. Whether you desire to find lost items, decode family secrets, or solve the mystery of why your neighbors keep burying bulky things in their garden late at night, everything will be revealed. When you need a break, choose wines that have been buried — qvevri wines from Georgia should do the trick.

Nikoladzeebis Marani Orkhvi Tsolikouri 2018 ($28)

From the hands of a man who learned to slaughter a pig at 16, comes magnificent sensitivity in this wine. This is 100% Tsolikouri with no skin contact, as is traditional on the western side of Georgia. It’s juicy, with a tiny bit of suede tannin, and a taste of chamomile and goodness. 

bottle of R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia ‘Viña Cubillo’ Rioja Crianza 2012


This month, your astrological house of creativity hosts the Moon, ruler of emotions, and Neptune, planet of inspiration. Under normal circumstances, it’s a celestial encounter guaranteed to bring vivid dreams and brilliant breakthroughs. But June also brings child and family issues to the forefront, and everybody wants a piece of you. Fortunately you’re a Scorpio and you’ve got this. Listen to their problems, deliver your verdict, and then extract a fee — either cash or a favor you can call in later. Both work. 

R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia ‘Viña Cubillo’ Rioja Crianza 2012 ($28)

When you drink a wine filled with love and reverence for generations, perhaps some of the peacemaking genes rub off. From their Riojan vineyard on scrappy limestone 1,348 feet up, this is mostly Tempranillo, with some Garnacha, Mazuelo, and Graciana. A wine of classic grace. 

bottle of Roberto Henriquez Bío Bío Valley Tierra de Pumas País 2019


It’s time for fun. The last couple of years have been heavy, as Saturn, the planet of hard truths, has rummaged through the underwear drawer of your life, throwing out much-loved old things. It’s been like eating bran nonstop. Good for your colon, sure. Fun? Not so much. But June has lucky chance encounters written all over it, so if you’re invited somewhere, go! And if you’ve got a business or creative idea on the back burner, get moving. Jupiter, planet of luck, is making a grand entrance to your money sector. With so much going on, you need to stay grounded. Choose wines from old vines that have put down the deepest of roots.

Roberto Henriquez Bío Bío Valley Tierra de Pumas País 2019 ($24)

Roberto Hendriquez farms these 200-year-old, own-rooted País from a plot where pumas used to roam, a seven-hour drive south of Santiago. The tannins are soft and it’s packed with herbs: bay, rosemary, and mint. This wine is savory and thirst-quenching, with barely there blueberry and blood orange fruit.

bottle of Domaine de la Pépière IGP ‘La Pépie’ Val de Loire Côt 2019


June offers you the opportunity to enter serious, long-term relationships that will be highly profitable over the long run. Whether you need new clients, a new employer, or an arranged marriage, this is the month to go looking. However, misunderstandings over money are also indicated, so track everything. When you’re out and about, keep your calculator app open and loudly ring up everybody’s tab, reminding them at regular intervals what they owe. Tell yourself they appreciate your efforts; they’re thanking you on the inside.

Domaine de la Pépière IGP ‘La Pépie’ Val de Loire Côt 2019 ($18)

Brown bag the wine, serve it to your friends, and ask them what they think it costs. They will be amazed at the value this wine offers. Raised in stainless steel, it’s a fresh wine that is meant to drink now. You’ll be rewarded with an easy velvet texture and hints of violet. 

bottle of The Gentle Folk ‘Vin de Sofa’ Adelaide Hills 2020


It’s one foot on the brake, one foot on the accelerator right now. The past few years have seen you shoulder some heavy responsibilities and it feels like now’s the time to unburden yourself and relax. There’s a new optimism in the air and you’re full of ideas. But Saturn is telling you to spend more time hammering out details before you go and pitch your great new startup. Give your unconscious the space it needs to come up with the answers by spending June indoors on the sofa, binge-watching Netflix. 

The Gentle Folk ‘Vin de Sofa’ Adelaide Hills 2020 ($35)

Pitching Pinot Gris into a blend with Merlot and Pinot Noir is a trend worth watching. Sipping the wine will make even the most temporary of couch potatoes happy. Fruity but not too fruity. Don’t think too much — just enjoy!

bottle of Hiyu Wine Farm ‘Tzum Fionn Spring Ephemeral’ Columbia Valley Zinfandel 2019


It’s time to shuck off your sweatpants and t-shirts, and glam up. Sequins, silks, and floaty fabrics are all required, as is glittery eye shadow. Spend June sleeping through the days and emerging at night, ready for your close-up. Mars, planet of action, is making a lovely aspect to Neptune, ruler of inspiration, music, and glamor, bathing you in star power. You could put this energy toward your favorite cause and save the world, or you could busk on a street corner and watch the money rain down. Or both. Whatever you do, this is your month to shine.

Hiyu Wine Farm ‘Tzum Fionn Spring Ephemeral’ Columbia Valley Zinfandel 2019 ($56)

A Zinfandel with grace? How is that possible? Who knows, but it’s magic. Smoky and elegant, with traces of twig, it works. At just 11% ABV, it has an ethereal quality that straddles two worlds — a life of sunlight and a life of depths, like Persephone.