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The Drop’s Wine Horoscopes for July 2021

Mars and Saturn face off and energy is running high

illustration of wines poured into glasses
Photo illustration by Allison Kahler.

Disclaimer: Astrology is for entertainment purposes only. Except the warning to Taureans not to burn the house down — that’s a public service announcement.

This month, Venus and Mars hook up in the flammable sign of Leo. Expect wild parties plus a few temper tantrums.

bottle of anima mundi, xarel-lo (2017)


Have you ever smothered something in oil and roasted it, only to find you’re left with a gunky tray to wash? It’s kind of revolting, because not only do your fingers get wrinkled from the hot water, but the muck floats to the surface in a filthy froth. Yet hidden under the suds is a pan getting nice and shiny. This, more or less, is your July. All kinds of secrets are rising from the depths, bringing the dirt into the open. If someone’s been saying mean things or embezzling from petty cash, you’re about to find out who it was. If it was you, then your mask-of-innocence will be ripped away. On the positive side, Mars and Venus are currently sharing a room in your house of romance and creativity, setting it alight with opportunity.

Anima Mundi Penedès Xarel-lo 2017 ($35)

It’s time to learn about the mysteries of reduction, that cloud of rusty nail aromas that can surround a fresh-poured wine. Once this wine from Cava country in the Penedès aerates, its importance, beauty, and capacity for seduction shines. Textural and Chablis-like, with shell and salinity.

bottle of La Clarine Farm ”Rosé Alors!” Sierra Foothills 2018


If, for some reason, you’ve got a pair of tap shoes in the closet, get them out and put them on. With Uranus, planet of revolution and electricity, sitting on your Ascendant, you’re uncharacteristically full of jittery energy that needs to express itself. Instead of blowing up your life, turn on the music and bust out the dance moves. And get out and mingle, because you’re going to meet fabulous, larger-than-life characters this month whose wit and charm will delight you. Just don’t invite them home until you’ve checked your insurance policy, because they look like dodgy types who steal. Also, because you’re not your calm, practical self right now, your attempts at catering will set the place on fire. This July, fuses will blow.

La Clarine Farm “Rosé Alors!” Sierra Foothills 2018 ($24)

When you need to chill, seek out rosé that can slow down time. My vote is this Mourvèdre-based one from the Sierra Foothills that tastes of wine, and rain, and a salty beach plum. It has a little cherry, sweet fennel, spark, and a lot of delicacy. After being open for a week, it was just as juicy as six days previous. The wine will effortlessly ease you into the summer. And if you lay it down, this rosé will bring in 2022 as well.

bottle of Ar. Pe. Pe. Il Pettirosso Valtellina Superiore 2016


July looks tippity-top for Geminis. Jupiter, the planet of luck, is in your Tenth House of career, while the Sun is lighting up your Second House of money. This makes it the perfect time to talk your way into a pay rise or lucrative new job. More significantly, your life is about to become crammed with flamboyant, glamorous people bringing joy and energy into your life. That’s because Venus and Mars, the planets of love and lust, have entered the generous sign of Leo, and are setting your Third House ablaze. Erm, just one thing … that’s the part of your chart that rules brothers and sisters. So either a real-life sibling is about to launch a glittering stage career or get married, or a previously unknown sibling is about to appear. Should you find yourself falling for a charming stranger this month, don’t rush into anything. Not until you’ve done a 23andMe test, anyway.

ARPEPE Valtellina Superiore “Il Pettirosso” 2016 ($48)

Two brothers and a sister run this esteemed winery and, so far, have had none of those famous Italian blowouts. The sibling harmony comes in through the wines. It’s a gorgeous traditional Nebbiolo with chiseled features, and a charming, fresh-bitten cherry character sprinkled with a tiny bit of alpine wormwood bitterness.

bottle of Papras Bio Wines Orange Badiki Naiads 2020


Happy birthday, Cancers! This month, the Sun stands at the doorway of your horoscope, casting its glow over your entire life. According to the ancient astrologer Vettius Valens, the Sun indicates authority over the masses. That’s right! This is the month to really throw your weight around and demand your due. Grab that parking space, jump to the front of the queue, and send that chef-prepared meal straight back to the kitchen. Loudly. Yes, people might get upset, but chalk it up to the punch-up in the sky currently going on between Mars and Saturn. Nothing to do with you! Everything’s going your way. Travel is indicated, friends can be guilted into buying you drinks, and important work can be abandoned for lesser mortals to take care of. You’re monarch for a month, so act like it.

Papras Bio Wines Orange Badiki Naiads 2020 ($23)

Grown on the limestone slopes of Mount Olympus, this rare grape is macerated on skins for ten days. It’s juicy with a lift of citrus acidity and top notes of Ajax — the cleaner, but in a good way. The hero of the same name, son of a king, would approve.

bottle of Pheasants Tears Chinuri Amber Wine 2019


The theme for this month is money, particularly joint finances. An inheritance or windfall of some kind is indicated, as is the possibility of a marriage or business partnership that will bring wealth into your life over the long term. But beware: you’re getting a big dose of adrenaline from Mars in Leo, which will encourage reckless behavior. If you find your inbox crammed with credit card offers, don’t take it as a sign that the universe wants you to go out and spend. Delete them because, as you know, unnecessary extravagance has a special hold on your heart. It’s not that you’re avaricious, exactly, but more that you appreciate lovely things. And getting to them first, before other people get their paws on them. You are, of course, allowed minor pick-me-ups. So go ahead! Buy that sweet little trinket. What’s it called again? A Fabergé egg, you say? Hold it up and let it catch the light. What a find! And all yours.

Pheasant’s Tears Chinuri Amber Wine 2019 ($19)

It’s true, you can’t drink color, but when you see a golden beauty like this, who cares? There are waves of orange blossom water and waxed goodness. A gorgeous skin contact wine from Georgia. 

bottle of Aidani, Hatzidakis 2019


Oh dear. Everybody wants a piece of you. Work responsibilities are increasing, people are seeking your advice, and your friends are demanding you come out with them. Your social life seems waterlogged for some reason — either you’re lucky enough to have friends with yachts who invite you to come sailing with them, or else you’re surrounded by strange types who want to submerge you in whitewater rafting or other unpleasant, wet activities. And yet your powers of concentration have never been higher and you just want to withdraw and get things done. To get through this month without committing to either overwork or overstimulation, remember to be moderate in all things. If you let your friends take you out, you’re very likely to meet someone important and influential this month who will bring great opportunities into your life. Just refuse to visit basement bars, because you’re sure to suffer from the rising damp.

Hatzidakis Santorini Aidani 2019 ($45)

There are about two inches of rainfall a year on Santorini in Greece. Even for dry-farmed grapes, this is intensely dry — which means this is the perfect wine to balance out watery situations. Instead of being the Assyrtiko you’d expect from Santorini, it’s a 100% Aidani, which means a taste of mandarin and sunshine.

bottle of La Casa Vieja, Palomino Valle de Guadalupe


Listen up Libras! That famous Libra indecision? For once in your life, drop it. Saturn, who rewards hard work and the shouldering of responsibilities, is occupying his own sign of Aquarius, so he’s feeling benevolent. Jupiter, planet of expansion and good luck, has taken up residence in his own sign of Pisces, so he’s happy too. And both of them are camping out in your Fifth House, the House of Good Fortune. Please, just once, pick something and give it your full attention, because this extraordinary and lucky combination will never appear again in your lifetime. If you have children, spend time with them and fill their heads with gratitude and great memories. Because this luck will rub off on them too. And when they become rich and famous, you can leech off them forever.

La Casa Vieja Valle de Guadalupe Palomino 2018 ($36)

No matter how much you try and resist, this wine from Baja, Mexico will put you under the microscope and force you to focus. Oxidative? Oh yeah! Feel the flor and all of its beautiful life. This is old-fashioned and rustic with plenty of fresh salted lemon. Feel the burn.

bottle of Kontozisis Karditsa Limniona A-Grafo 2017


July kicks off with your traditional ruler Mars locked in mortal combat with Saturn, who lolls comfortably inside his own sign of Aquarius. This means that if you get into conflict this month, your enemies will crush you. Unfortunately, emotions around you seem to be running high, and people want to rehash old arguments. Overcome these petty irritations with the judicious use of your special Scorpio power — the silent treatment. Glower and look menacing, and watch everybody scuttle past at top speed. Satisfying, isn’t it? You are also going through a rare period of creativity and inspiration, where deep feeling combines with motivation and inspiration. Use this time to work on your passion project, and watch it flourish beyond anything you hoped for.

Kontozisis Karditsa Limniona A-Grafo 2017 ($28)

At first this Greek wine from the red Limniona grape is quiet, but give it a decant and let it tumble on a creative journey. It’s like a full-bodied herbal Dolcetto with plenty of captured carbon dioxide to give it spritz, and opens up to chalk and blackberry poetry, with pincer-like tannin quills. 

bottle of La Garagista Vermont Field Studies: Blood, Root, Kindle 2020


The ancients would have looked at your chart and said a trip by water was indicated this month, possibly meaning a metaphorical journey across Styx, the river that marks the boundary between this world and Hades. Don’t panic — you’re not about to be dragged into the underworld. Well, some Sagittarians will be, but not you. Instead, an immersion in Styx was said to confer the gift of immortality. You know what the modern equivalent is? Instagram! Set some time aside to sort through your photos. See what parts of your life are missing, and take a picture. Next, ask family members for their oral histories and take down what they say. If you don’t like what you hear, simply correct the record by adding little details here and there, to brighten the picture. Then upload it all to social media and become an instant influencer — the world of sponsorships and freebies awaits.

La Garagista Vermont Field Studies: Blood, Root, Kindle 2020 ($49)

It’s just not another Instagrammable label — there’s good stuff inside too. Marquette, the grape, is a relatively new French American hybrid, developed in 2006. This unique wine has a Pinot Noir-like fragrance, a sour red berry tart flavor on the palate, and a whole lot of easy-to-love refreshing qualities.

bottle of Bengoetxe - Getariako Txakolina Certified Organic 2019


It’s summer and everybody’s disappearing, even though there’s work to be done. You’re not happy about it. You’ve got presentations to do, and things to organize, and where on earth is everybody? Stop worrying about it. In fact, you should be glad they’re off wasting their time and money on trivial pastimes, because it clears the way for your schemes. Everything you put your mind to this month will be crisp, sharp, and persuasive. Your laser-like focus on details is impressive, and your arguments compelling. Whatever it is you need, from investors in your skyscraper project to a helicopter to bust you out of prison, you’ll make it happen. Just don’t get tetchy. It puts people off and dissipates the energy you need to manifest the big things.

Bengoetxe Getariako Txakolina 2019 ($20)

From a region low on great wines comes this Txakolí, an exuberant rarity. It’s an air conditioner in a bottle, whose acidity gives it a glittering edge that will penetrate and energize your taste buds — and your dreams.

bottle of Frederic Cossard La Chassornade Pétillant


You’re in an odd space right now, wanting to consolidate what you’ve achieved so far, but also wanting to blow everything up and start again. You love freedom, after all, and success and security can feel suffocating after a while. Beware, because new people are about to enter your life, ready to take advantage of your impulsive mood. They will promise new romance, new jobs, new and easy ways to earn money. If you’re tempted by anything on offer, get a professional to scrutinize the contract. Why not play it safe and just take July off? Head for somewhere light and airy, order yourself a refreshing drink or two, and keep the conversation light hearted. It will keep you away from bad decisions, while also appealing to your sense of freedom. Win, win.

Frederic Cossard La Chassornade Pétillant NV ($40)

A fizzy wine from the white Aligoté grape that goes down easily and which will definitely leave you with no desire to go back to work. It’s lemon and tart and glug-worthy. Count on it when it’s hot and humid.

bottle of Isabelle & Bruno Perraud Happy Bulles 2019


The thing about interpreting charts is that you can’t tell if something is being done to the person, or if they’re the one doing it. Take your horoscope this month. Does the dreamy, escapist Neptune in your First House signal that you’re lying on the sofa, so immersed in a book that you’ve lost any sense of your surroundings? Or does it indicate that you’re a ruthless criminal mastermind running an opium den? Hard to say. What’s certain is that all that inspiration, imagination, and flight from reality can be put to better use. Get off the couch, finish that screenplay, and get an agent. Hollywood is waiting! For the screenplay, that is. Not the opium. Probably.

Isabelle & Bruno Perraud Beaujolais Happy Bulles 2019 ($25)

When you need to capture that inspiration, go to Happy Bulles from Isabelle & Bruno Perraud. With a little bit of lemony sweetness, this sparkler is magic in a bottle. Have a sip. Remember who you are. Reflect. Then get back to work.