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The Drop’s Wine Horoscopes for August 2021

Leo and Aquarius are locked in a staring competition — and nobody wants to break first

photo illustration of wine glass surrounded by astrology signs
Photo illustration by Allison Kahler.

Disclaimer: These horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only, so sit back and read them while relaxing with a glass of wine. Except for Leo and Aquarius — you need your wits about you.

Shade-loving Saturn has moved into his nice and cool house of Aquarius, from where he disapproves of sunny, warmth-spreading Leo, who’s been crowned King of August 2021. A values tug-of-war is about to ensue.

bottle of Andi Weigand Franken Pét-Nat


The sun has moved into the sign of your cousin Leo, from where he’s showering blessings upon you, and you’re feeling ready to go forth and conquer. But like Gulliver brought low by the ropes of Lilliputians, you’re being held back by the tyrannical demands of petty and irritating people. This month, the heavens are demanding that you tidy your room, get your paperwork done, and sign off on agreements before you can go out and play. Although you feel like abandoning everything and just going off to have fun, do a quick check of your inbox to make sure you’re not overlooking any screamingly important obligations. Also, wait a week before you do anything, because by August 10, everything will be working in your favor.

Andi Weigand Franken Pét-Nat ($33)

Getting your homework done doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in the meantime. This bottle from Franken, Germany covers the current in-love-with-cloudy trend; it’s a milky, gorgeous swirl of lemon-poured refreshment.

bottle of ​​Sanguineto Rosso Di Montepulciano 2019


There’s bad news and good news this month. Life’s been uncomfortably unpredictable for Taurus for a long time now, with Uranus, planet of electricity, squatting in your sign for a bit too long now. Mostly Uranus stays quietly in the background, biding his time, waiting for the right moment to excite a revolution or two, but this August begins with the moon passing through Taurus. This is like poking Uranus with a stick, just begging him to wallop you emotionally. And he will. The good news is that Venus is making a sublime aspect and will absorb all the energy. This will operate like a lightning strike of love, bringing new romance, or a baby, or a cat, or the go-ahead on an important project. This month, unlock the doors to your well-protected heart and let them swing open.

​​Sanguineto Rosso Di Montepulciano 2019 ($25)

With so much going on you really want to play it classy and safe. Dump this handmade Sangiovese into a decanter and give it a good amount of air. Structured, delicious, and berried, it will give you some nice support when you need it. 

bottle of Binner & Compagnie Les Vins Pirouettes Eros de Vincent 2020


It’s time to spark joy, as Marie Kondo would say. Yes, it’s time to go through your cupboards and throw out the clutter. All those Teach Yourself French multimedia courses that you’re never going to do, and the guitar you bought on a whim but forgot to learn to play, plus the pile of half-read books — out they go! Here’s why: this month, Mars, the planet of action, and Venus, the planet of harmony, are cradling the Lot of Fortune between them. This is a mathematical point devised by the Arabs that’s supposed to indicate where you’ll find worldly success. Since all three are in the sign of Virgo, your path to success is through spring cleaning. All those undone things are just weighing you down and reminding you of all you haven’t done. When you get rid of them, you open a path for fortune and inspiration to sweep into your life.

Binner & Compagnie Les Vins Pirouettes Eros de Vincent 2020 ($23)

The color of this Alsatian wine is perfect to spark color therapy joy. It offers intensive citrus flavors which might make you think this blend of Pinot Gris, Sylvaner, and Riesling really is made with oranges.

bottle of Mouzon Leroux et Fils L´Ascendant Solera Grand Cru


Do you have a rich, childless uncle, by any chance? If not, rush out and get one, because this month the planets are keen to shower you with riches. But they can only do it if you’ve put out some cosmic buckets, ready to catch the falling gold. You’ve got plenty of planetary activity going on in the eighth house of other people’s money, while the sun is making a triumphal entry into your second house of personal finance. Your astrological indicators suggest the following possibilities for cashing in: marry the somewhat rigid and old-school type who shows up at the beginning of August; write and circulate something scandalous, as indicated by Jupiter, in your house of publishing; renovate a property and flip it. But the energies will only last a few days, so a quick Vegas marriage is probably the speedy option you need.

Mouzon Leroux et Fils L´Ascendant Solera Grand Cru ($72+)

There may be no uncle in sight, but you could still get married! If so, you need Champagne. And this? Oh what a beauty. Made in solera, the aromatics are of bruised apple oxidation and nuttiness, an invitation to go deep.

bottle of Les Errances Loire Grolleau Cartouche


Happy birthday, Leo! Now, listen up. Although you don’t have a moment to yourself right now, thanks to the parade of friends and family swinging by with warm wishes and presents, you need to concentrate. There are power struggles going on around you, particularly in the area of work and career. Damn it, people can be childish, can’t they? Although your generous and loyal leonine soul despises petty squabbles, this is not a time to ignore what’s going on. Instead, make sure all your work, appointments, social obligations, whatever are completely up-to-date and beyond reproach. That done, turn on that high-wattage charm, open a bottle of something lovely for everybody, and rest easy on your throne.

Les Errances Loire Grolleau Cartouche ($29)

You’re going to have to find your Virgo within, so do it with a well-structured red wine from the Loire that has a big personality. This 70% Grolleau, 30% Cabernet Franc is full-bodied, with plenty of fruit and the kind of racy acidity that also gives it a juicy crunch and impeccable balance. The next day, it just gets better.

bottle of Chona’s Marani Khaheti Mtsvane & Rkatsiteli 2019


Mars is sitting on your Ascendant, the doorway to your life, giving you both the energy and desire to make big changes. Being a Virgo, your idea of a big change is to open up your budget app to see if you can afford to splash out on a take-out coffee. This month, try something new. You’ve got the sun gleaming in the golden sign of Leo in your House of Secrets, indicating there’s treasure somewhere, waiting to be found in some subterranean place. Think of your August as being personified by Gollum in “The Hobbit,” living underground on worms and slobbering over his ring. Hey, he wasn’t pretty, but that ring was genuinely valuable. Take another look at what’s lurking in your jewelry box, because there might be something there you’ve overlooked. Buy shares in a gold mine, or go gold prospecting. You can’t lose, and you might find yourself with an enchanting new hobby. Just like Gollum.

Chona’s Marani Khaheti Mtsvane & Rkatsiteli 2019 ($25)

You need to visualize this happening and a proper golden wine might help these dreams come true. Intense, golden, and out there, this is a blend from the eastern part of Khaheti, Georgia. It’s full of orange blossom and honey with a touch of underlying mint. Don’t guzzle it all at once, as it’s so good, you’ll want some the next day.

bottle of Domaine Gérard Duplessis Chablis 2018


Splendid aspects to both the sun and Saturn endow you with a combination of glamor and gravitas. Get dressed up and go out, and watch people take a second look. Do a smile and wave, and get used to being the center of attention, because many interesting opportunities are on their way. Your challenge is that when you’re pushed to get out and do things, you get overwhelmed and want a break for a minute or two, which inevitably stretches into the next day. But Saturn is extending a hand to you, and if you stop and reflect for a moment, you’ll find he’s offering you the stamina and concentration you need. All those outstanding things on your to-do list? Start ticking them off. This month sees the tail end of an extraordinary period of life luck, which comes to a close halfway through August. If you can’t cope with all the details, hire an assistant. Yes, you can afford it. You’re on the up-and-up. Start acting like it.

Domaine Gérard Duplessis Chablis 2018 ($42)

If there was ever a time for Burgundy, it’s now. August is the right month for white wine, meaning Chablis. This basic Chablis from a very non-basic domaine offers not just deliciousness, but plenty of structure.

bottle of Domaine Gérard Duplessis Chablis 2018


Private life or public stage? That’s the choice confronting you this month. You’ve got plenty to do on the home and family front, from keeping the bailiffs out, to contemplating a move. At the same time, people want to see you, and they will insist you come out with them. The answer is to entertain at home, drawing people into your life and serving them wine that you like, rather than the dull wine they would probably offer you. Do keep an eye on your bedroom, and, at all costs, stop guests from congregating in there — this month’s aspects indicate there are babies on the way, and they can do that in their own homes. Do let people bring their friends, as it’s possible you will meet an older person, who may be a lawyer or deal maker of some kind. Give them a fair hearing, as underneath the cold, apparently calculating exterior is a dynamic personality, who may be fun to get to know.

Dirty & Rowdy Familiar California Mourvèdre 2019 ($34)

Push your capacity for generosity by drinking a generous wine. Hardy Wallace gets this Mourvèdre from a vineyard one hour and due east from Monterey. With a 25% blend of Syrah, Grenache, old vine Barbera, and Carignane thrown into the mix, it will set you straight with its lushness, spice, twig, bones, and fruit-packed structure.

bottle of Domaine Guion Bourgueil Loire Cuvée Domaine 2018


Your chart has a distinctly Dickensian air to it this month. Dickensian, as in deprived, named for Charles Dickens, who wrote books like Oliver Twist and Little Dorrit about what debt and lack of money can do to people. It looks like your personal finances will be getting a workout, with unexpected bills piling up, and difficulty getting people to pay you money you’re owed. Put your head down, work hard, and just wait until the end of August, when everything will resolve. If you want to travel overseas this year, or make a large purchase, now’s the time to do so, because that same penny-pinching energy surrounding you means you’re likely to uncover the bargains of a lifetime.

Domaine Guion Bourgueil Loire Cuvée Domaine 2018 ($16)

You don’t have to feel like Scrooge when you can drink on a budget like this. One of the world’s greatest bargains, it’s for those who prefer earth to fruit, with more structure than flounce. Here is a wine of breeding, character, and substance, a Cabernet Franc that will show the big spenders a thing or two. 

bottle of Kontozisis Organic Vineyards A-Grafo Mount Uncharted Limniona 2017


You are in your element this month. Saturn, your ruler, sits in your first house of self, which means there’s nothing you can’t accomplish right now. It’s time to build for the future, because the decisions you make now will come to full fruition in about 29 years’ time, more or less; this doesn’t mean you won’t see results for decades, it means that whatever you invest in today will continue to grow in value over time. The word invest here doesn’t just mean shares and property, but also applies to new business ventures, new relationships, and education. You’re naturally prudent and cautious, and don’t rush into things, which is wise, but don’t let those impulses stop you from starting something. Also, nothing involving Saturn is easy, so there will be reversals and frustrations. Hopefully suffered by other people, bending over backward to please you.

Kontozisis Organic Vineyards A-Grafo Mount Uncharted Limniona 2017 ($28)

This is a little-known grape, from vineyards northwest of Athens, and it’s kind of like a full-bodied, herbal Dolcetto, with plenty of captured carbon dioxide, a bit of chalk, and blackberry poetry, with spines and quills of tannins. Buy it now, drink it down the road. This is what can happen when you build your future on integrity. But give it five years, not 29. 

bottle of Dato’s Wine Aladasturi Red 2019


The month begins with some kind of disagreement, deadlock, or power struggle. Decisions are being made that involve you, but you’re not part of the discussion. At least, that’s what it looks like. In fact, it looks like there are miscommunications and mistakes around you that will all resolve themselves by the end of the month. If you can remember the principle of charity, where you assume the other person is acting in good faith, this is a good month to negotiate something you particularly want, like a pay raise. This is also an excellent time to catch up with people you haven’t seen for a while, and straighten out old issues.

Dato’s Wine Aladasturi Red 2019 ($26)

Let this be a good lesson to you. Open up this wine from western Georgia, the country, and you’ll find a prickle from gas and an awkwardness. Put it in the fridge. The next day, or even eight hours later, the fruitful promise explodes, all gracelessness gone. There you go, the duckling becomes a swan. 

bottle of ComplémenTerre La Croix Moriceau, Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine 2020


There’s a wonderful line from W.B. Yeats that applies right now, “I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” This hot, sweltering August, spread your dreams at everyone’s feet, and don’t worry about them being trampled on, because the more you ask for opportunity, the more likely it is that doors will swing open. This is a magical time for Pisceans, particularly artistic and creative ones. It’s also the right time to immerse yourself in water, and not just because it’s hot, but because you will revive your soul. Dive into the ocean, or sign up for synchronized swimming. Make sure you go somewhere where they’ll let you do water ballet in a sequined leotard. You know you want to.

ComplémenTerre La Croix Moriceau, Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine 2020 ($26) 

Anton, son of Jo Landron, master of Muscadet’s son, has been making wine in the Loire Valley, reinventing it with his own distinctive touch. If you can’t get into the water, drink it. This comes from the edge of the Atlantic.