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Wine Advent Calendars for a Boozy Holiday

What better way to gear up for the holidays than with wine?

Janice Williams By November 12, 2021
photo illustration of wine bottles decorated in garland
Photo illustration by Pix

How is it the holiday season already? The year has flown by, and there’s no better indication of the soon-coming end of 2021 than the holiday merchandise flooding retailers. Ornaments, wrapping paper, and Black Friday mayhem aside, at least one aspect of the holiday marketing madness is worthy of wine lovers’ appreciation — the return of the wine advent calendar. Finally! A reason to drink a bottle of wine every day for 12 days, or 24, if you’re lucky. 

Several companies have already released festive advent calendars. Some come stocked with various wines, while others specifically cater to individual styles like sparkling wine. Here are some of the top wine advent calendars of the season. 

7 wine advent calendars to buy:

NOTE: prices and inventory are subject to change

World Market Bubble Box Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar

World Market Bubble Box Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar ($40)

Who doesn’t love bubbly, especially during the holidays? World Market is giving wine lovers the chance to experience seven sips of it with the company’s Bubbly Box. The bottles are small — only 187 mL per serving — so drinkers will quite literally only get a taste of each. But it’s a great way to explore sparkling wines from different places like California, Italy, Spain, and France. There is a downside to this glittering box of bubbles, though. Wine Market’s advent calendar isn’t available for online purchase. However, there are more than 240 locations across America, so shoppers can hop in the car and pick one up curbside or get it straight out of the store.

ALDI 2021 Collection Winter Wonderland Wine Advent Calendar

ALDI 2021 Collection Winter Wonderland Wine Advent Calendar ($60)

ALDI’s advent calendars are a highly sought-after item, and rightfully so. There’s a lot to look forward to in the 24-day wine advent calendar. Snowy Night Brut Rosé on day one. Oh Reindeer Winter White Chardonnay on day seven. Shimmering Lights Pinot Noir on day 13. It’s important to note these advent calendars fly off shelves faster than Santa’s reindeer at dawn. They’re not available for online shipping either, so shoppers will have to rush over to the store to get the coveted wine advent calendar as they usually sell out quickly.

Total Wine It's The Most Wonderful Wine of the Year Wine Advent Calendar ($80)

Love American-made wine? Total Wine is dedicating its 24-day advent calendar to wine made from grapes grown and harvested in the U.S. The calendar is full of tiny little bottles of wines in a variety of styles including red, white and rosé, all of which come from U.S. wine regions like California, Oregon, and Washington among others.

Graham + Fisk Christmas Advent Calendar

Graham + Fisk Christmas Advent Calendar ($100)

With all the canned wines that have hit store shelves this year, it should come as no surprise that there’s an advent calendar dedicated to canned wine. Graham + Fisk, which has solely produced canned wine since it began in 2015, is offering a 24-day advent calendar complete with six cans of each of their blends, including sparkling rosé, sparkling white wine, red wine, and white wine — all of which are easy to hold and easy to drink.

QVC Vintage Wine Estates 12 Wines Advent Calendar

Vintage Wine Estates 12 Wines Advent Calendar ($89)

Here’s an advent calendar for the classic wine lover. Vintage Wine Estates released a 12-day advent calendar, sold exclusively through QVC, for the practical wine drinker who would rather taste-test mini bottles of one single wine style each day. Don’t expect any funky blends or obscure grapes in this set. All the wines come from the Vintage Wine Estates’ California property, and the advent calendar only features single-variety wines like Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Moscato.

Vinebox 12 Nights of Wine

Vinebox 12 Nights of Wine ($129)

It’s all about discovery through tasting at Vinebox. Typically, people can purchase one of Vinebox’s collection kits featuring sample-sized bottles in a variety of red, white, and rosé wine from wineries worldwide. The company’s 12 Nights of Wine advent calendar follows a similar format. Shoppers won’t know what’s in the box, where the wine comes from, or who makes it until they open it up each day. The box comes equipped with four whites, two rosés, and six reds handpicked by Vinebox’s team of certified sommeliers. And with two different types of packaging to choose from, shoppers can opt to buy one for themselves and another for a friend. The calendar is currently available for pre-order now.

In Good Taste Wine Advent Calendar

In Good Taste Wine Advent Calendar ($150)

In Good Taste has already made a name for itself with its creative wine flights and tasting events. They ship single-serving bottles of wine to people across the U.S. and provide a space for drinkers to enjoy the wines amongst each other during a happy hour of sorts via Zoom. In an advent calendar format, the company is spreading the holiday cheer by offering a bevy of their signature wines, made by winemaker Matt Smith and assistant winemaker Neely Ashley. There won’t be a Zoom party for people to join, but the calendar will come with 24 single-glass servings of wine to enjoy. The calendar is chock full of variety, too, with select bottles coming from all of In Good Taste’s tasting sets. That means customers may get to sip on the winery’s Mr. B. California Pinot Noir on the third day of Christmas and In Good Taste’s Italian Rosé of Sangiovese on the fourth.