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7 Wine Influencers Who Will Spark a Thirst for Travel

Meet the social media influencers who combine wanderlust and wine

Janice Williams By September 29, 2021
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There are few places as enchanting as the vineyards where wine is grown and made. The rows of grapevines are often stretched across acres of land set against some of the most breathtaking views the world has to offer. It’s something every wine lover should see with their own eyes at least once in life.

If a trip to the vineyard isn’t an option, though, folks can always scroll through social media. There are plenty of people who use apps like Instagram and TikTok to document their travels around wine regions. Below are a few whose wine and travel photos are known for sparking wanderlust.

7 wine travel influencers to follow:


There’s a lot of eye-popping content on Xingyu Chen’s Instagram page, @winememoir. Not only does the wine blogger document the glasses she’s enjoying, she often shares videos and photos of the places the wine comes from. For instance, Chen’s followers recently were treated to an eyeful of the magnificence Chen experienced during a trip to Portugal, where she trekked through vineyards in Vinho Verde and Porto. She even shared a glimpse of her encounter with one vineyard’s resident peacock. Chen’s account also comes with a dose of education. She often uses bottle shot images of the wines she’s drinking to share her insights on how the wine is made, as well as the history of the wine region it comes from, and tasting notes.


Scrolling through wine writer and educator Sarah Tracey’s Instagram page will either inspire drinkers to make their own charcuterie and cheese board or drive over to their nearest winery for wine, snacks, and views. Before the pandemic, Tracey often shared photos of herself posing in scenic places like the Penedès wine region in the southwest of Spain. Tracey’s travels have been reduced due to the pandemic, so she now focuses more on wine pairings and DIY wine tastings. However, there’s still plenty of stateside wine goodness to see on Tracey’s page with her posts of wineries and vineyards in U.S. regions like Napa or the Willamette Valley.


What do Cabernet Sauvignon grapes look like when they’ve reached peak ripeness at the Ômina Romana winery in Velletri, a commune in Italy within the region of Lazio? Over on Emanuele Trono’s Instagram, viewers get a good glimpse of the juicy, blue-ish purple grapes just before harvest thanks to the high-res images shared by the Italian wine marketer and influencer. In fact, there’s quite a bit of everything Italy’s wine scene has to offer featured on Trono’s account. From vineyard and cellar images to bottle shots and tractor rides, Trono’s Instagram is like an escape across Italian winemaking regions like Valpolicella, Trento, Linguaglossa, Tuscany, and more.



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A post shared by Brad Japhe (@journeys_with_japhe)

As the name suggests, every aspect of travel and spirits writer Brad Japhe’s travels are captured on social media as he journeys around the world. Whether it’s up-close-and-personal shots of monkeys eating apples in Kuala Lumpur, the mountainous seascapes of Islay, Vermouth cocktails in Italy, or shots of whisky casks at barrelhouses in Osaka — it’s just one big Instagram feast for the eyes. Japhe uses his social media to inform his audience of the many reasons they should travel to the places he visits — which include winemaking regions like Walla Walla, Washington and Sonoma. Although Japhe hasn’t been so active on Instagram since the pandemic but he still shares much of his work on Twitter. 



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If there’s one thing travel journalist Lane Nieset gets right, it’s offering her followers the most beautiful views on the planet. Her social media is drenched with drool-worthy images of beachside bottle shots, seaside villas in places like Mykonos, vineyards nestled in the rolling hills of Piedmont, and her adorable Pomeranian pup Indiana Jones. Operating like a personal photo diary, Nieset’s social media highlights all of the Paris-based writer’s travels. But the way she manages to capture the beauty of a glass of rosé set against the mountain and sea views in Portofino is more than enough to inspire some wanderlust.


@bycarlaviannaWelcome to Porto Alegre, the capital of the southernmost state of Brazil 🇧🇷 #brasil #portoalegre #poa #guaiba #brazil #pordosol #travel #viajar♬ Guaiba (Original Mix) – Hilton Barcelos

Over on Carla Vianna’s TikTok, viewers can find tips on all things travel related, from what to pack for a trip to Iceland to how to best survive a boozy brunch cruise in Manhattan. Vianna also shares insights on the things to do and places to visit in her home country, Brazil. Want to learn about the Tuscany of Brazil? Vianna has all the details on which wineries to visit, as well as where to eat in Bento Gonçalves, the center of Brazil’s winemaking industry. And she also shares her insights on the newest places to go for a glass of wine or a cocktail in Rio de Janeiro.



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Whether it’s lush, green vineyards of the Douro Valley, wine picnics in woods of Ukraine, or glasses of bubbly on the beach in Seychelles, these are just some of the mesmerizing images that can be seen on the Instagram of wine bloggers and “The Wonderful World of Wine” authors, Enrico Maggiore and Diletta Quarta Colosso. Though based in Paris, the pair use social media to spread the word on the interesting places they visit. They also use the account to share information and repost images of wine regions and bottles captured and submitted by their followers.