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The Drop’s Top 10 Articles of 2021

We’ve covered everything from the world’s worst wine to sommelier disasters

Pix Editors By December 27, 2021
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The Drop opened its virtual doors on June 1, 2021, with a celebration of Parisian wine bars, a look at the seductions of Pinot Noir, and the first wine horoscopes. Since then, we’ve published up to eight wine articles a week, covering everything from obscure niches to blockbuster wines. If it’s wine, we’re interested.

As for what interests readers, it turns out that The Drop’s readers like articles that are funny, or provocative, or which challenge or debunk a commonly held idea. Here, without further ado, are the top ten most popular articles that appeared on The Drop this year.

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10. I Used To Steal Verdicchio, Then It Stole Me

Writer Betsy Andrews’ personal essay on how an underrated Italian white wine set the course of her life.

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9. Understanding Brett and Its Divisive Impact on Wine

The presence of Brettanomyces in wine is contentious. When David W. Brown asked why, he discovered some strong opinions. 

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8. The Cold Hard Facts About Pale Pink Rosés

Aaron Ayscough raised plenty of hackles with this deep dive into rosé, one of the first articles published on The Drop. But that will be nothing compared to the reaction his upcoming Wine Rant is likely to get. (It will be published in the New Year.)

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7. The Truth About Gluten-Free Wine

This is an in-depth smack-down of some celebrity wine nonsense. The celebrities in question stopped making their gluten-free claim after it was published.

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6. The World’s Most Infamous Wine Is a Scottish Favorite

Jamie Lafferty pens a deeply felt love letter to the notorious drink known locally as Commotion Lotion.

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5. The Death of the Wine Critic Has Left a Hangover

Jason Wilson didn’t always love being a wine critic. But, he says, the end of wine criticism has had some unexpected consequences.

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4. A Sommelier Shares Her Most Harrowing Wine Stories

If you ever think you’re having a bad day at work and want some perspective, check in with this account of disasters suffered on the job by Paula Redes Sidore.

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3. The Rise of the American-Style Red Blend

There are wines where different red varieties are blended together. And then there’s the American-style red blend which, as Jeff Siegel explains, is something altogether different.

The Sine Qua Non vault inside Hedonism

2. It’s a Wine Store for Billionaires, But You Can Shop There Too

If you need your personal plane stocked with wine, or bottles delivered to your private Caribbean island at short notice, Hedonism in London will take care of it for you. Chris Losh paid a visit.

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1. Our Obsession With Terroir Lets Bad Winemakers Off the Hook

It was the post that got us flamed all over social media, and yet people couldn’t stop reading, sharing, and discussing it. In it, Zach Geballe takes on the sacred cow of terroir.