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9 Wine Accounts to Follow on Social Media in August

Liven up your feed with posts from these highly entertaining influencers

Janice Williams By August 18, 2021
photo of person looking on their mobile phone holding a glass of wine
Photo courtesy of Prostock-Studio/iStock.

Scrolling through the endless feed that is social media is more than just a way to pass the time. For many people, social media can be the first point of discovery. Want to find an enchanting, quick getaway for the weekend? There are plenty of travel accounts dedicated to that. Need to upgrade your makeup bag? Just follow one of Instagram’s many beauty influencers. Bored with dinner? Check food TikTok. You’ll find more than just baked feta recipes there. 

The same can be said for wine. Hundreds of people on social media use their accounts to spread grape awareness through bottle recommendations and wine education in an eye-catching, esthetically pleasing, and highly entertaining way. We’ve rounded up a few particularly engaging social media mavericks worth following.


Isis Daniel, a Washington D.C.-based sommelier, teaches her thousands of followers all about wine with humor under her handle @themillennialsomm on TikTok and Instagram. She shares bottle reviews in TikTok videos that are as informative as they are hilarious. She does the same with wine product tutorials and skits that cover everything from how to open a bottle of Champagne to the proper use of a Coravin. But perhaps the most enjoyable (and entertaining) aspect of Daniel’s social comes when her posh alter-ego, the regal and refined Mrs. Suzanne, makes an appearance to discuss important wine topics like when to decant, and how fortified wines are made. 



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A post shared by Richard Miyake (@richardmiyake)

On Instagram, wine enthusiast Richard Miyake likes to share his personal tasting notes. Of course, his tasting notes include the usual information like where the bottle comes from, what grapes are included, and the nuances character it displays. However, Miyake’s posts also use famous quirky, thought-provoking quotes to describe the wine’s personality, alongside his personal opinions on the wine’s taste and texture. While he sometimes posts recognizable and widely available bottles, Miyake has a penchant for tasting under-the-radar wines and giving a shout out to producers behind smaller labels.


@sydsipsIt’s the under $10 wines for me 💁🏻‍♀️ #lcbo #lcbofinds #winegirl #cheapwine♬ Evergreen Fields – Tape Machines

If you’re looking for cheap-but-quality bottles of wine to enjoy with burritos, or a tasty low-calorie wine, or maybe bottles of sweet wines to pair with your homemade charcuterie board, look no further than @sydsips’ TikTok. Canadian curator Sydney, who runs the account, always manages to find, review, and rate a variety of reasonably priced bottles. Rarely does she feature wines above $20 in her videos, which are quick and informative. She also shares wine recipe videos, in which she teaches her followers how to make her wine cocktails and more wine-based goodies at home. Anyone up for Prosecco popsicles? @Sydsips has got you covered. 



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A post shared by Danielle (@therosebae)

Love rosé? So does Danielle, aka, @therosebae. The California-based content creator shares her take on the many, many bottles of rosé she’s drinking on Instagram. While Danielle will occasionally share an intricately staged photo of a bottle of red or white wine, rosé is the star of the show here. Beyond bottle shots, Danielle also gives followers the skinny on the wineries behind the wine. Often the account will feature video tours of the vineyards, wineries, and tasting rooms Danielle visits and details how viewers can experience the venues for themselves. 



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A post shared by Mason | Wine & Music (@leliyg_wine)

Do you love German Riesling? Do you love hip-hop? Do you love drinking German Riesling while listening to hip-hop? So does Atlanta transplant Mason Washington, who operates the wine Instagram @leliyg_wine. You’ll often find the young oenophile on Instagram Live sharing his thoughts on various bottles of Riesling and other wine varieties — though, in Washington’s world, Riesling reigns real supreme. As for Washington’s music pairings, he uses hip-hop lyrics to describe the character and taste of each bottle he reviews; the pairings are a way to introduce wine lovers to up-and-coming rappers.


It’s all about the pairings on David Choi’s TikTok, @winewithdavid. Whether you’re looking for a bottle to pair with sushi or Taco Bell, Choi, the proprietor of Napa Valley’s Magna Carta Cellars, has a wine recommendation for you. Though he works in wine, Choi’s social media is all about wine discovery and helping followers figure out what styles of wine they might like, or should try, based on the foods they regularly eat. Most of his videos are done in an “If you love this, drink that” format. For instance, if you love pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets, then, according to Choi, you’ll love Decoy Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir Limited Edition 2019.



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A post shared by Wine Gini™ (@wine.gini)

Georgia Panagopoulou, otherwise known as @wine.gini to her thousands of followers on Instagram, knows a lot about wine. She freely shares her knowledge on her social media, which documents Panagopoulou’s wine travels, tastings, and pairings. Her descriptions are as in-depth as they come, jam-packed with historical and technical information on every bottle she shares. However, Greece-based sommelier Panagopoulou does this in a most user-friendly way. The notes on wines can be lengthy at times, but they are presented in a personable, easy-to-read manner and usually come equipped with food pairing ideas or Panagopoulou’s own story about how she first discovered the wine. 



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A post shared by Brian Freedman (@freedmanreports)

Wednesdays are a lot boozier now, thanks to Philadelphia wine and spirits writer Brian Freedman, who runs the Instagram account @freedmanreports, which is full of bottle recommendations and the foods he matches with drinks. Occasionally you’ll get a peep of his pup Murray and the rest of his adorable family. But the most entertaining, and perhaps most important aspect of Freedman’s social, is his weekly Instagram series, “Day Drinking with Brian.” Freedman also offers a deep, informative dive on fine wines and spirits, giving a plethora of details on every bottle, from historical and geological facts about the land the grapes were grown on, to how the wine was made, to notes on the winemakers behind the bottles. Freedman also gives tips on the right time to buy various bottles, how much of it they should have laying around the cellar, and the best time to drink them. 


Wine educator and Napa Valley Wine Academy instructor Jaclyn Misch’s Instagram, @jaclynmisch, is a blend of her work and personal life. It’s that mix that makes her account such a refreshing one to scroll. She shares the wines she’s drinking and fun videos of her wine travels, but she also offers tips on wines to try for certain life moments, like, for instance, the best wine pairings for date night or the top wines to serve at a bridal shower.