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The Drop’s Wine Horoscopes for October 2021

Venus heads into Sagittarius, and the zodiac starts speaking its mind

wine bottles balanced on Libra scale
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Disclaimer: Astrology is for entertainment purposes only. Even when every single thing comes true. 

With the Sun, Mars, and Mercury in Libra, the sign of justice, and Venus going into Sagittarius, the sign of truth and travel, chains are about to be broken.

bottle of Auriel Barbera del Monferrato 2018


Got a sledgehammer handy, Aries? If so, go out and break some rocks. You’ve got so much energy to burn this month, that if you don’t find an outlet for it, you’re liable to wind up picking fights or taking unnecessary risks. You have the chart of someone who wants to escape the mundane and go on adventures, yet it looks as if you have obligations weighing you down. So if you feel you’re climbing the wall, go indoor mountaineering and climb an actual wall. On the plus side, your romantic life looks to be taking a hot and sweaty turn some time soon. Which is, of course, a great way to use up excess energy.

Auriel Barbera del Monferrato 2018 ($36)

If you’re looking for a wine to show you life’s possibilities, here’s an affirming one.

The nervey acidity of this Barbera will give you the lift you need. It’s got so much life, oh and a bit of spritz from the carbon dioxide

bottle of Iuli Malidea Piedmont Vino Rosso 2017


Saturn’s recent move into Aquarius has been a bit tough for Taureans, because it’s been like having a celestial bureaucrat micromanaging your affairs. This manifests as petty delays and minor obstacles, as if you’re constantly being asked if you really do want that thing. And if you do, you have to prove it by making an extra effort to get it. But lovely aspects in October bring some relief and you’ll find this a month where you can get a lot done without interference. This would be the best time of the year to start a new exercise program, because the right classes, opportunities and people will magically appear.

Iuli Malidea Piedmont Vino Rosso 2017 ($35)

Fabrizio Iuli is a meticulous farmer and beautiful winemaker, while Barbera is his signature, his Nebbiolo is his ink. Gosh, what a beaut. There’s licorice, and tannin, and it’s much better the next day, so here is one example where delaying works in your favor. Have a glass tonight, finish it off with a new connection the next day.

bottle of La Gazzetta Bianco Susanna 2019


This is a month for storytelling, Gemini. Your chart positively glows with aspects to do with communication, publishing, reaching a wide audience and telling and receiving wonderful stories. Those of you who are writers or creators should write the story that scares you, send out that hopeful letter, or start planning your next project. Even if you’re not a writer, the creativity and storytelling energy is boundless, so call up someone you haven’t seen for a long time — someone who wronged you, or who you did wrong by — and hear their story. It may surprise you. And if it’s really surprising, sell it to Netflix for a huge sum of money.

La Gazzetta Bianco Susanna 2019 ($30)

The best wines tell a story, and this one tells the tale of an Australian woman named Trish who headed to Campania, almost a decade ago, to learn winemaking. All of the sudden, she ends up living in a small cottage on Lake Bolsena working strange and weird vines and making wines of soul like this one. 

bottle of Iuli Barat Piedmont Bianco 2019


It’s getting late, Cancer, and you really must do some of those chores you’ve been putting off, from house repairs to reconciling with members of your family. The last few years have been full of pressure, thanks to the big planetary lineups in your opposing sign of Capricorn. Those planets have finally moved on, but they’ve left a legacy of disappointments and things undone. Now’s the time to get a move on. Send off those forms. Cancel unused subscriptions. Get the roof repaired. Apart from that, this is a great month for seeking romance. It’s also possible a very cool stray cat is about to come into your life.

Iuli Barat Piedmont Bianco 2019 ($25)

This wine is made from the grape Baratuciat, which translates into cat’s testicles. Not because the wine tastes like them, but because the grape bunches look like them. Whatever, this is a fascinating, delish, rich, while also citrusy. 

bottle of Domaine Bertin-Delatte Chenin Blanc Vingt-Neuf 2018


You will be asked to commit to something long term at the beginning of October. It could be anything from a relationship to a contract, but the steps you take now will reverberate through your life for the next three decades. You may not understand the commitment consciously, but your joyous Leo heart understands it well and will baulk at signing on the dotted line. This month, you’ll be tempted into all kinds of procrastinations that seem to come from nowhere, from taking on too much work to spending too much time online. Expect turbulence and lots of obligations in the next couple of months. But don’t worry, because exceptional things are on the horizon, even if it doesn’t feel that way right now.

Domaine Bertin-Delatte Chenin Blanc Vingt-Neuf ($42)

To recognize the exceptional, you have to get used to it. Start with this exceptional Chenin. The wine comes from 1929 vines, plunked first into 500liter new barrels and then in steel tanks for six months. You could stash it away for a few years or decant it and watch the iron wall around melt away into verve and rhubarb and salt-fresh air. 

bottle of Bodegas La Senda In A Gadda Da Vida Bierzo 2020


You’ve got a doozy of a line-up in your Sixth House, traditionally associated with, among other things, servants. Elizabethan astrologer, William Lilley, spent plenty of his professional life answering the question of whether servants would get free of their masters — a question which seemed to give his contemporaries a great deal of worry — so he spent a lot of time examining the Sixth House. If he’d looked at your chart this month, he would have been perplexed, because it looks like you want to both escape your place of work, but also to stay. Make up your mind, because this is a good month for job offers and pay rises. Best results by using plenty of tact and diplomacy, and eschewing any Virgoan plain speaking.

Bodegas La Senda In A Gadda Da Vida Bierzo 2020 ($33)

We are all servants to ourselves. To shed the other shell, go for something wild and screaming. Drink this and let your inner Jim Morrison run wild. From the grape Godello, it’s got the grit you need and the spirit and freedom you desire. Melon. Texture. Fascinating.

bottle of Ferdinando Principiano Barolo di Serralunga 2016


Happy birthday, Libra! You know what you should do with a birthday month? Consider the changes you need to make in the year ahead. And what your chart is suggesting, is that you should consider buying or selling land, or changing where you live. Do it! You need somewhere you can entertain, with high windows, plenty of light, and sheer drapes that move elegantly in the cooling breezes. If you love where you live, then consider becoming a slum landlord, because fortune is smiling on this part of your chart. In other news, you are looking absolutely gorgeous and everybody wants to hang out with you. 

Ferdinando Principiano Barolo di Serralunga 2016 ($55)

Self-care on your birthday means Barolo. It’s got everything: the acid spine, the silt, the sandalwood, the fennel, the tannin, and the smoldering dark fruit beneath the mist. It’s a complete beauty, but do the right thing double decant it straight away before drinking. 

bottle of Christian Tschida Burgenland Felsen II 2018


Did you know that towns and countries have their own zodiac signs? This month, Scorpio, you need to be drinking wines from Austria, because their signs are resonating with your October placements. Scorpios are famously secretive, but from the look of your chart, the secrets are getting onerous, and you really need to sit and talk to people. Let it all out. Well, let most of it out. It might be wise to keep some of your harsher observations to yourself. Actually, maybe talking a lot isn’t a good idea. Have you ever considered taking up painting? October is a good month to immerse yourself in creativity. Other than that, just listen to people. You can gather more secrets that way.

Christian Tschida Burgenland Felsen II 2018 ($68)

Tschida was first able to sell his wine to galleries, and there’s something about his connection to the art world that you’ll see in this finely chiseled wine. Yes, this is Syrah. Look for its horse sweat and the restrained structure of a tamed beast. 

bottle of Lapati Kidev Erti Tavkveri Khaketi Rosé Pet-Nat 2019


Saturn, the planet of boundaries, is in your Second House this month, signifying all the ways that you can make money right now. Here are the possibilities, according to traditional astrology: plumbing, brick making, chimney sweeping, gardening, carrying things for other people, digging ditches, and transport of the dead. There is nothing for it: You must invest in building funeral homes with nice gardens, immediately. This is your path to riches, and you will deeply regret not following this advice. Also, your career sector is looking very exciting through October, as if you have not just plenty of energy available to you, but also plenty of really nice networking opportunities. Take every opportunity to socialize.

Lapati Kidev Erti Tavkveri Khaketi Rosé PetNat 2019 ($28)

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Make sure you buy two bottles and then break one out and watch the magic happen. All sorts of people will start talking and networking and you will be at the center of it. This is a gorgeous sparkler that has peony and electricity. 

bottle of Amor Mundi Mtsvane Georgian 2019


Your heart is on fire this month, Capricorn. You have longings for love and relationships that you’re squashing, for some reason. Your level of self-criticism is off the charts, as your need for control becomes micro-management, and your low-level anxiety becomes constant worry. Let the stars reassure you: Everything is working in your favor. Your career sector is full of energy and light, your money sector is glowing with possibility, and your children — whether that means your pets, your current projects, or actual children — will surprise and delight you in unexpected ways. Just stop overthinking everything and accept that the world is going your way right now. Let the future take care of itself. 

Amor Mundi Mtsvane Georgian 2019 ($25)

This wine is bottled love. It’s a potion. Made in that big, buried clay pot Georgia is famous for, the wine is broad and gentle with a rough, cidery honey blossom quality, it’s responsive and will make your heart warm and fuzzy.

bottle of Vaimaki Family Amyndeon Popolka Red 2018


What a time to be alive, Aquarius. You are living in an era when both Saturn, the lord of boundaries and hard-earned rewards, and Jupiter, planet of expansion and good luck, are in your sign. This is a very, very rare meeting in the heavens, and it signifies there is nothing you can’t achieve right now, particularly if it involves technology. The only bummer note on the horizon is the tug-of-war between your desire to build for the future, and your emotions, which want to chase shiny objects right now. The best way to handle all the different tensions and possibilities on offer is to take an ancient remedy: the memento mori. Our ancestors used to create morbid statues and artworks to remind themselves that life is short, and to use what time we have to focus on important things. Whatever is annoying or petty in your life, close it down. Throw it out, get rid of it. And book a ride on a space shuttle. You’re going places.

Vaimaki Family Amyndeon Popolka Red 2018 ($27)

This wine intersects the past and the future. Its grape, Popolka, was the actual name of Xinomavro before the 70s. No matter what it’s called, it has always been rare; a fortress hiding treasures. A vegetal character is surrounded by brambles and firm structure that’s the fortress. Buried at the core, there was a gorgeous shy rose the treasure.

bottle of Cellier de Baraterie Mondeuse de St Jean de la Porte 2018


Throw yourself into over-work this month, Pisces. That will shut out all the internal voices whispering that life could be something more. Also you will find problem solving at work very interesting, particularly if you are involved in forensic accounting or homicide detective work. All the secrets are coming out, and some of them will be jaw-dropping. You will also discover which friends are fair weather types, and which have your back. This is a month for listening to everybody around you, because boy, are you going to hear some great stuff. Unexpected news from overseas is also likely.

Cellier de Baraterie Mondeuse de St Jean de la Porte 2018 ($24)

Made using full-on whole cluster fermentation, it has a bitter, rhubarb edge that lifts the texture, a hint of tannin, and early spring, spiced cherry-ish fruit. Forget the homicide, this is a wine to lift the spirits and stir conversation and good times.