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The Drop’s Wine Horoscopes for November 2021

Scorpio season has arrived, adding scheming and power struggles to the holiday season

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Disclaimer: Astrology is for entertainment purposes only. But take the advice, just to be sure.

Saturn, the planet of restrictions, has an aggressive staring competition with Mars, the planet of war. Expect boundaries of all kinds to be tested this month.

bottle of Meinklang Burgenland Thyme Blanc 2020


What a humdinger of a month lies ahead, Aries. Your chart has relationships written all over it, in the most delightfully old-fashioned kind of way. There are enough dark strangers, wild Byronic types, and fiery Romeos to set every heart a-flutter, with dangerous liaisons to be found around every corner. If you’re looking for romance, marriage, or just a good lawyer, the next few weeks are extremely promising. Yet and this is strange it looks like your heart is somewhat distant right now, as if you’re walking around thinking lofty thoughts, not noticing what’s in front of you. Whatever’s on your mind, forget it, and turn your attention to relationships. You won’t regret it. And if you do, you’ll have the number of a good lawyer.

Meinklang Burgenland Thyme Blanc 2020 ($25)

A blurring of the boundaries between wine and cooking, between yin and yang, can make you question relationships. You’ll get all of this in a Burgenland wine made expressly for Patagonia Provisions. This rare bottling of Meinklang’s Pinot Blanc was infused with the wild thyme from their biodynamic vineyards close to the Hungarian border. Surprisingly delicious and electric. 

bottle of Domaine Olivier Cousin Pur Breton 2020


You’ve been toiling away for too long, Taurus, and it’s time to get away. And you really need a break this month, because you’re about to be in the grip of something known as a T-square, where the position of your birth Sun in Taurus opposes the current Sun in Scorpio, and both get into a snit with Saturn, the planet of restrictions. If you stay stuck in your current routine, you’re likely to get bogged down in tedious situations. This will manifest in petty annoyances, like being stuck on hold for hours at a time. Travel, specifically overseas travel, is the way out. If you haven’t got a trip planned, now’s the time. Italy sounds nice, don’t you think? 

Domaine Olivier Cousin Pur Breton 2020 ($26)

Drink the rebel. Olivier took on the AOP who didn’t want him to use his place, Anjou, on the label or the grape, Breton, another name for Cabernet Franc, and basically won. An old-time natural winemaker, the original and badass, the wine is deep and rich and perfect for thumbing your nose at the coming winter.

bottle of Christian Ducroux Prologue 2020


Nose to the grindstone time, Gemini! You have a massive lineup of planets in your Sixth House of work and health. This is one of those placements that can go horribly wrong if you don’t watch it, because you can take on too much and become overwhelmed. On the one hand, you’ll have lots of work opportunities coming your way. Ka-ching! On the other hand, spending too much time at your desk or in the delivery truck can seriously damage your health. This is the perfect time to either start an exercise program or to change up the one you’re already doing. You need to be in tippity-top condition to take advantage of all the good things on offer. 

Christian Ducroux Prologue 2020 ($27)

Take a lesson from the cow that Christian Ducroux uses to work his land. Why? Because it takes larger steps than a horse and so it has less of an impact on soil compaction; it gets more done with less. The brain of the man! But the soul in his wine? One sip of this juicy, cloven-hoof-edged Beaujolais and you’ll get it. 

bottle of Domaine des Ardoisières Argile Rouge Vin des Allobroges 2019


Has someone dissed you, Cancer? There seems to be a lot of brooding and thoughts of revenge going on. Instead of following through with your wild imaginings, take the opportunity to write a murder mystery. Or just flop on the sofa and read a stack of them. Those of you who are forensic pathologists or accountants by profession will solve a major mystery this November, and maybe bring someone to justice. In other news, someone you haven’t seen for a long time will re-enter your life unexpectedly, bringing with them a new view of an old situation that’s troubled you.

Domaine des Ardoisières Argile Rouge Vin des Allobroges 2019 ($43)

Nothing to do but hole up with a wine that is going to thrill, spark, and soothe. For intellectual and emotional stimulation, reach for this wine from the Savoie. It’s an Alpine blend of Gamay, Mondeuse, and Persan, a riveting medium-bodied discourse of pomegranate and bramble. 

bottle of Dato’s Tsolikouri Amber 2020


Renovation is the key word for November, Leo. Now is the time to overhaul your working life, your attic, and your inbox. If it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it. But don’t throw things away until you’ve checked their value — over the years you’ve accumulated many things of beauty that can be resold at a profit. Also check your plumbing and make sure your flood insurance is up to date, because basement issues are indicated. Now that the mundane part of the horoscope is out of the way, here’s the good news: Your romantic and creative life is on fire this month. Not only will any new creative project you start pay off within the next 60 days, but the chances are good that you will attract a wise and benevolent mentor who can open doors for you.

Dato’s Tsolikouri Amber 2020 ($18)

Nothing speaks of the underground like a Georgian wine made in a buried qvevri. Dato is based in Guria in the western part of the country and his wines, all of them, are joyful and unexpected. This Tsolikouri is herbal and juicy at the same time and can take any disaster you throw at it. 

bottle of Grape Ink Oregon Days Until Harvest 2019


November is a great month for money making and profit. If you’ve had an idea for your own business, or are already in business and have had thoughts about expanding in new directions, go for it. And trust your own judgement, not that of paid advisers, because it looks like there are people around you giving you very bad advice. Your creative engines are firing in all directions, you’re supported on the home front, and your relationships are working smoothly. This is a great month to be a Virgo.

Grape Ink Oregon Days Until Harvest 2019 ($29)

An extraordinarily creative Pinot Noir from an Oregonian poet. The acid jumps and the wine, textured and lively, calls out a “drink me!” You won’t be able to stop, but try; even though it’s only 12% ABV, this is not the month to have a hangover. 

bottle of Domaine Bertin-Delatte Vingt-Neuf Chenin Blanc 2018


While the pandemic has made many people reevaluate their lives, it has had a particularly huge effect on you, Libra. You are the sign of ethics and justice, and the state of things bothers you. If you’ve been thinking of sticking it to the Man, and joining in the Great Resignation, while shouting “we can’t take it anymore,” this may be the month you finally do it. Libra is famously a sign of indecision, but with both the Sun and Mars entering your House of Personal Values, this is the time to take a stand for what you believe in. So go ahead. Take that job at the nonprofit, or sign up for that demonstration. Change is coming, ready or not.

Domaine Bertin-Delatte Vingt-Neuf Chenin Blanc 2018 ($42)

The Anjou part of the Loire has had a bad wine rap, being thought of as only good for glorious sweet wines — but all along, its other strength was fascinating, deep, and introspective dry Chenin. Here’s a beaut for you. The bitter notes are balanced with twangy rhubarb and a fierce understanding of place. 

bottle of Domaine Matassa Côtes Catalanes Cuvée Marguerite Blanc 2020


Think twice before you speak this month, Scorpio, and then think again. Mars joins the Sun in the sign of Scorpio, putting you in touch with your frustrations, but both are making a poor aspect of Saturn, the planet of truth and boundaries. The temptation to speak your mind and blast through boundaries will be very great this November, particularly if it involves close friends and siblings. But not only will nobody thank you for your penetrating wisdom, you may hurt feelings. Instead, channel all that energy into fights you can win. Feel like you’ve been shortchanged by your internet company, or been treated poorly by your local authorities? Go after them with everything you’ve got, and make them change their ways. You’ll make life better for everybody.

Domaine Matassa Côtes Catalanes Cuvée Marguerite Blanc 2020 ($60)

A wine made by Tom Lubbe, and a cuvée that always speaks the truth — it’s almost a religious experience. This apricot scented, barely textural wine of beauty is 40% Muscat Blanc Petits Grains, 30% Muscat d’Alexandrie, and 30% Macabeu, with the Macabeu tamping down all of that Muscat exuberance. 

bottle of Cacique Maravilla Yumbel Pipeño País 2020


Woohoo, November is party month for Sagittarius! Lots of parties, events, and invitations are on the way. It’s like the world can’t get enough of you, Sag, because you’ve got old time movie star charisma to burn, thanks to your combination of wit, cheerfulness, and willingness to take people as they are. Just be aware that other members of the zodiac are feeling grumpy this month, and are likely to misinterpret your jokes; don’t get drawn in to petty arguments. Rise above it all, open a bottle of something nice, and offer it round. And get out on the dance floor and show your moves.

Cacique Maravilla Yumbel Pipeño País 2020 ($20)

Parties need a great wine that’s drinkable and which supports conversation but does not distract. That’s why this is your go-to, bring-to-the-bash wine. Made from the mighty País grape from the Bío-Bío region, from the hands of a man with one of the best mustaches in the business, it’s a wine that will make you friends, but won’t break the bank.

bottle of Le Grappin Bourgogne-Aligoté Skin 2019


It’s a funny old world, isn’t it? Here are you, Capricorn, feeling on the back foot this month. You want to join in the conviviality, but feel awkward and unable to relax. On the other hand, you’re so competent and on top of things that other people find you formidable. The solution? A fabulous sequined jacket. It won’t make you look cool — far from it — but it will both push you out of your comfort zone and stop people taking you so seriously. And bust out your cooking skills, because your attention to detail plus quality knife skills will make people marvel.

Le Grappin Bourgogne-Aligoté Skin 2019 ($27)

White wine not for you? Think again. Aligoté is the shining shy star of Burgundy and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This is surprisingly full — thank you vintage 2019 — and packed with mandarin-like acidity and deliciousness. Take it along to any party and, by association, this wine will make you the evening’s rock star. 

bottle of Ellison Estate Vineyard Vermont Bobby Regan Dry Red 2019


Secrets are all over your chart this month, Aquarius. From the front, things look lighthearted and fun. But behind the scenes, wheels are turning. You are the keeper of the secrets — you know who’s about to change jobs, who’s having an affair, and who is using the neighbor’s Wi-Fi unlawfully. If you’ve ever wanted to be Machivellian, this is the best month of your life to do it. Of course, you won’t indulge in schemes and betrayals, because that’s not in keeping with your airy nature. But it’s fun to think about, isn’t it?

Ellison Estate Vineyard Vermont Bobby Regan Dry Red 2019 ($36)

If you ever wanted an antidote for Machiavellian maneuvers, this wine of sincere innocence is it. From the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont comes this childlike beauty that preaches fidelity and earnestness. A blend of Marquette, St. Croix, and Frontenac Noir, the freshness and purple drinkability will push those manipulative thoughts out the door. Drink and go zen. 

bottle of La Castellada Bianco della Castellada 2008


Need some cash? Start a cult! You have multiple religious/charismatic things appearing across your chart, from newfound spirituality to a charismatic ability to speak in tongues. Saturn, the lord of boundaries, and Jupiter, the planet of expansion, are both in your 12th House of Secrets, bringing up visions and possibilities from the depths. So put on a turban and act mysterious, because people will flock toward you. Or you could take up yoga and mindfulness and drink more water. Either path works.

La Castellada Bianco della Castellada 2008 ($60)

You need an expensive and riveting wine because there’s nothing better to rip you out of the muck. This 11-year-old wine from Friuli-Venezia Giulia, a blend of 50% Pinot Grigio, 30% Chardonnay, and 20% Sauvignon Blanc will shock you into action. It’s a skin contact wine whose gorgeous amber hues hint at the philosophical depths.