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The Drop’s Wine Horoscopes for May 2022

There’s an eclipse in Scorpio and the best-laid plans must change

Pixie Stardust By May 2, 2022
wine bottles by Neptune next to Jupiter
Illustration by Pix. Images by da-kuk/iStock and Lidiia Moor/iStock.

Disclaimer: Astrology is for entertainment purposes only. But this is a big month, and you should pay attention.

Mid-month the Moon will turn red, as the Sun, Moon, and Earth align. It’s a type of full lunar eclipse known as a Blood Moon, and symbolizes revelations, shifts, and the overturning of plans. It falls in Scorpio, the sign of passion and deep emotions, so this is not a month to make risky decisions.

But Jupiter, the planet of luck, and Neptune, the planet of letting go, continue their meeting in the heavens, making this a time when wishes come true for those with water-inflected charts.


You’ve got a bunch of planets holding up inside the 12th House this month, Aries. The traditional astrological interpretation means a time of self-reflection, solitude, and withdrawal, whether you like it or not. Being an outgoing Aries, such a prospect is probably your worst nightmare. If you went to see an astrologer, they might well advise you to turn the transit into a positive, by signing up for a meditation or yoga retreat. You could do that. But Venus is passing into Aries this month, endowing you with great charm. The omens also suggest you’re very likely to meet a romantic partner, should you need one. So instead of heading to a mountain top for meditation, go find a dark, cave-like establishment and order plenty of food and drink for yourself and any likely-looking strangers passing by.

bottle of Domaines Ott Château Romassan Bandol Rosé

Domaines Ott Château Romassan Bandol Rosé 2020 (~$56)

Perhaps no wine is as alluring as a beautifully salmon-hued bottle of rosé from the South of France, and it helps that this is not only one of the best wines from perhaps the most prized rosé appellations in the entire region, but it also comes in a wonderfully sexy bottle that will assuredly lure in any promising strangers.


It’s your birthday, Taurus, and it’s an unusually big one. At the end of April, there was a solar eclipse in Taurus, a harbinger of the shake-ups to come. Eclipses in your sign are like mini explosions, indicating areas of your life that need work and repair. You also enter Taurus season with the Sun, Moon, and Uranus in your sign; Uranus has been shaking up Taurus for a while, but this month his influence is even stronger because he’s moving in to conjunct the Sun. Sudden changes, compromises, and bolt-from-the-blue events are coming your way, demanding that you rethink some of your life fundamentals. It may be uncomfortable because Taureans do not like uncontrolled change.

The way out is to follow your ruler, Venus, who this month is in Pisces, the sign of inspiration. When great ideas strike, act on them. Start the month right by choosing a wine that’s outside your comfort zone.

bottle of Domaine Rolet Arbois Jaune Savagnin Jura

Domaine Rolet Arbois Jura Vin Jaune 2012 (~$38)

This wine is unusual, no doubt about that. For a start, there’s the unusual clavelin bottle it comes in, found nowhere else but Jura, France. Next is the nutty, toasty flavors, which are the result of the oxidative handling of the Savagnin grape. But this is not a wine to sit and drink by itself. Serve it with a creamy chicken dish — the combination will have you sighing in satisfaction, all cares forgotten.


If you’ve been feeling stagnant, stuck, or just plain bored, put your safety helmet on, Gemini ― you’re in for a wild ride this month. You’re going to meet people who won’t just promise you the world, but who can actually deliver the things that you long for. Jupiter, the planet of luck, is meeting with Neptune, the god of boundary dissolution, and Venus, the planet of love, is coming along for the journey — and it’s all happening in your house of friends and groups. You’re about to fall in with an inspiring, motivating group of people. Make a wish, Gemini, because it’s likely to come true. With Saturn, the planet of dedication, sitting in your 10th House of Career, this is the right time to commit to what you truly want.

But don’t make any snap decisions around May 16, because there are illusions and misunderstandings indicated. Wait a couple of days, particularly if the issue involves your work.

bottle of Benanti Contrada Monte Serra Rosso Benanti Contrada Monte Serra Rosso

Benanti Contrada Monte Serra Etna Rosso 2017 (~$53)

When it comes to dedication, almost no one tops the winegrowers of Sicily’s Mount Etna, who grow and harvest on an actual active volcano. This bottle, from one of the many highly regarded single vineyards, or Contrada, on the very slopes of the mountain, is definitely capable of taking you on a wild ride of its own.


Hit the phone, open up your email, and get back on LinkedIn, Cancer. Contact everybody who’s been important to your career these past few years and remind them that you’re alive. You’ve been slacking a bit lately, distracted by other areas of life, and you’ve let your commitment to your career drop. This is the perfect moment to get back into building your personal brand because you have the dream line-up of Mars, the planet of pushy, coming up the rear behind Jupiter, the planet of luck, as well as Neptune, the planet of inspiration, and Venus, the planet of love, and they’re all sitting in your House of Public Standing. Even better, they’re in the sign of Pisces, which rules inspiration. This is a magic time when you can wish upon a star, and have your dreams come true.

But it will only work if people remember that you’re still out there. So get out and circulate, with a bottle of something lovely in your hand.

bottle of Dom Ruinart Champagne Blanc de Blancs NV

Dom Ruinart Champagne Blanc de Blancs NV (~$179)

Largely absent from the American market for decades, Ruinart has been making up for lost time over the last few years, and we’re all the better for it, as this lush, gorgeous expression of Chardonnay’s true magic in sparkling wine is a fantastic bottle to wish upon a star with … or at least see them in your glass.


Have you ever thought about being a cruise ship entertainer, Leo? The sort that wears a chiffon, floor-length gown, holds a microphone close to the lips, and croons torch songs? If not, you should think about it, because voyages are indicated — and you should make money while you’re out there on the waves. You’re also very likely to meet the proverbial tall, dark, handsome stranger who is thrillingly brooding in appearance, plus you seem to be surrounded by witty, charming people. Or perhaps that’s you, Leo, spreading your magnetism where you go. Just make sure you avoid charming people with a bridge to sell, as your chart is indicating you need to beware of charlatans this month. If you can’t take a cruise, find a glamorous speakeasy where you can entertain all your followers, and then go home at the end of the night, without being caught in their schemes.

bottle of Two Paddocks Central Otago Pinot Noir

Two Paddocks Central Otago Pinot Noir 2019 (~$55)

If you want an embodiment of travel plus Hollywood glamour, this is the wine you need. For a start, it comes from Otago in New Zealand, which is so far away — practically the bottom of the world — that getting there involves plenty of travel. It’s also owned by a tall, handsome man, the superstar actor Sam Neill, who is always on social media showing off his vines, ducks, and pig. OK, maybe that bit’s not so glamorous, but it does point to the fact that this certified organic wine is handcrafted. It’s also delicious, with that wonderful savory Pinot Noir character, combined with strawberry and raspberry juiciness.


You’re going to get hit with one of those “let’s talk about us,” conversations this month, Virgo. Relationship frustrations are indicated, with either you or someone else wanting to nail things down, get the paperwork done, and get this partnership or legacy set up for the future. This isn’t necessarily about marriage or moving in, by the way, but can also mean a business or other significant relationship. The issue is that you seem to be talking past each other, with emotions running high, and logic out the window. You’ve got this, Virgo. Get the paperwork buttoned up, and go on holiday. Leave everybody else to sort themselves out. With earthy Taurus your Ninth House of travel, some beautiful landscape awaits. Consider hiking.

bottle of Gai’a Santorini Wild Ferment Assyrtiko

Gai’a Santorini Wild Ferment Assyrtiko 2020 (~$47)

If for some reason you can’t quite get that vacation together, here’s a wine that will take you on a journey in a glass. From the stunning Greek island of Santorini, it offers freshness, intensity, and a vivacity that the wild fermentation lends the wine that will definitely take your mind off everything else in your life.


There’s a big month ahead, Libra, particularly on the work front. New opportunities are indicated, as are creative and artistic opportunities, but also creative disagreements. As an air sign, you are extremely uncomfortable around high emotion, but with a traffic jam of planets in Pisces sitting in your Sixth House of work, you’re going to be swimming in it. The best remedy is to meet complaints and drama with kindness and your trademark clear thinking. Land and house issues are also strongly indicated — you may also need to deal with inheritance issues to do with property, from your mother’s side of the family. With Venus about to enter your Seventh House of long-term relationships of all kinds, a fun new person is about to enter your life. Open the bubbly in preparation.

bottle of Jané Ventura Reserva de la Música Cava Brut Nature NV

Jané Ventura Reserva de la Música Cava Brut Nature NV (~$24)

With all these opportunities on the horizon, you need a bottle of bubbly that gets the job done with precision and directness, like this no-dosage bottle from Spanish Cava maestro Jané Ventura.


Klaxon warning: on May 16 there will be an eclipse in Scorpio, and not just any eclipse, but a Blood Moon. This is a total lunar eclipse when the moon appears to turn red. It brings chaos in its wake, so do not begin any projects, sign any contracts, or make any important business or romantic commitments during this week.

Other than that, you are blessed with charisma with a capital C this month, Scorpio, because you stand to benefit from the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. When you walk down the street, heads turn. If you’ve got a project you want to get off the ground, this is the right time to set up your crowdfunding. You are also likely to attract glamorous and alluring individuals who will promise you the world. Just be careful on all fronts — Jupiter exaggerates, and Neptune has a disregard for the truth, so don’t promise other people more than you can deliver, and don’t believe in that money until the check is in your hands.

bottle of Fattoria di Petroio Chianti Classico Riserva

Fattoria di Petroio Chianti Classico Riserva 2017 (~$19)

While weathering a Blood Moon, why not drink Sangiovese, the so-called Blood of Jove. This charismatic bottle from the Lenzi family estate offers the classic dusty texture and bright red fruits of the appellation, and it at least will deliver more than it promises.


It looks like a cosmic deep clean is happening on the money front, Sagittarius, whether you like it or not, with both unexpected bills and unexpected refunds turning up from nowhere. It’s a time when you’re likely to find money on the street, or in a jacket pocket where you left it some time ago, but also when long-overdue repairs finally need to be done. Your chart also suggests that this is a time to think creatively about money, and about monetizing your creativity because your endeavors are likely to be lucky this month. Sagittarians aren’t noted for their tact — you find it difficult to stop yourself blurting things out. You might want to put a barrier up between your brain and your mouth for a few weeks, as low-level arguments are indicated, particularly between siblings or friends who are so close they might as well be related to you. Keep things sweet by offering everybody a nice glass of something instead, and let them do all the talking.

bottle of Adami COL CREDAS Extra Brut Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco Superiore Rive di Farra di Soligo

Adami Col Credas Rive di Farra di Soligo Extra Brut Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco Superiore (~$24)

The best way to keep things calm is with a lovely bottle of bubbles, and given that you’re looking at some tumultuous financial times, why not turn to a bottle that will impress while not dinging the pocketbook too much?


You’re flying blind this month, Capricorn. You remain in charge of everything, and everybody around you is looking to you for answers, but inside you feel you’re drifting. You’re a person who likes schedules, continuity, and stability, but right now you’re not sure whether that job is real, whether that deal is going to happen, or whether you’ll ever hear back about that proposal you made. Worse, there are lots of people making demands on you right now, and some of them are floundering like drowning people, clinging to you in the hope that you can sort things out. The best thing you can do is the thing you’re least likely to do — take a holiday. Collect that stack of books you’ve been intending to read, pack some sensible sunscreen, and go to the seaside. Take a bottle of something elegant with you.

bottle of La Fête du Rosé St. Tropez

La Fête du Rosé St. Tropez 2021 (~$26)

Sure, you need a holiday, but Capricorn isn’t going to go just anywhere. You like security, status, and to see and be seen. That’s why you should pick up a couple of bottles of La Fête du Rosé on your way to the airport. Made from grapes grown in the heart of Provence, this wine has quickly become the darling of the summer set. It’s crisp and lively, with layers of berry fruit.


Although you’re an air sign, Aquarius, you can be as grounded and down-to-earth as any Taurus, especially when a matter of principle is involved. For the last couple of months, there have been issues around your tendency to speak plainly and do whatever it takes to make things happen. It’s always a surprise to you when people push back because to you, life would work so much better if people were logical and followed a proper decision matrix. Unfortunately, they don’t. In May, set your sights higher. This is a good time to enter politics, whether that means joining the school board, handing around a petition, or taking a stand for something you truly believe in. When you are dedicated to a cause, you have a magnetic side that people respond to. Be prepared for lots of deep conversations this month — so get the wine ready.

bottle of Lustau Peninsula Palo Cortado Sherry

Lustau Peninsula Palo Cortado Sherry (~$25)

Perhaps no wine better fits deep conversations than Palo Cortado Sherry, with its intriguing mix of freshness, saltiness, and nuttiness. A sort of magical accident, it’s not a wine that can be taken apart by Aquarian logic. You just have to give into it, and let the flavors unfold in their own way. Have plenty of olives on hand.


This is a once-in-a-lifetime month, dear Pisces. You’ve had several months of Jupiter, the benevolent planet of luck, sitting in Pisces, in close quarters with Neptune. Now Mars has joined the party, while Venus is about to exit the sign. This means an abundance of creativity and inspiration, plus serendipitous meetings with magical people. Normally this type of line-up can be dangerous because it can bring deception and fraud in its wake, but not at the moment. The Sun in Taurus is keeping everything grounded, so go forth and achieve great things.

bottle of Brendan Stater-West Les Chapaudaises Saumur Blanc

Brendan Stater-West Les Chapaudaises Saumur Blanc 2019 (~$60)

It was a serendipitous meeting that took American expat Brendan Stater-West from teaching English in Paris to making wine in the Loire Valley, but after hooking on with acclaimed winemaker Romain Guiberteau, Brendan is now also making his own wines, including this magical expression of Chenin Blanc.