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The Drop’s Wine Horoscopes for June 2022

Saturn goes retrograde and lessons will be learned

wine bottles in sky with zodiac signs
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Disclaimer: Astrology is for entertainment purposes only. And a month with Jupiter and Mars joined together in Aries promises to be very entertaining indeed. Assuming you like real-life crime dramas.

A whole bunch of important planets are domiciled in their own signs this month: Venus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces, Mars in Aries, and, halfway through the month, Mercury in Gemini. This means that chickens are coming home to roost, in every area of life. There’s also a Saturn retrograde that starts on June 4. Accounts must be balanced: Past hard work will now be rewarded, while the bill for slacking off will now come due. The best way forward through all these energies? Take to your couch for the first week of the month, to soak up Venus’ lovely energy. Things will get hectic soon after.


Chance conversations can turn into life-changing events this month, Aries. You have powerful Pluto straddling your Eleventh House of friends and socializing, making a startling aspect to your Second House of personal resources and wealth. Make it your business to chat to anyone who will stop to talk, because you are likely to be entertaining angels unaware — at least one of those people will be wealthy or powerful, and able to help you turn your dreams into reality. This is also an exceptional month to push ahead with personal projects, as you have both Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and Mars, your ruler, in your sign of Aries. The conjunction will endow you with a feeling of well-being and self-confidence — but that can also be a great negative if it makes you feel invulnerable. Do your due diligence before getting involved with anything or anyone. 

bottle of Domaine Sylvain Pataille, Marsannay, Longeroies Rouge

Domaine Sylvain Pataille Marsannay Les Longeroies (~$55)

As you vet potential partners, look for someone with both technical know-how and a sterling reputation. The winemaker equivalent of such a person is Sylvain Pataille, a well-respected Burgundy vigneron who’s also a consulting oenologist for several famous domaines in the region, and a leader in Burgundy’s organic and biodynamic movement. This “winemaker’s winemaker” produces wines of precision and clarity, like this 100% whole-cluster pressed Pinot Noir, with high-toned red fruit and spice, a firm texture, and appealing persistence. 


While your steadfastness and loyalty are legendary, Taurus, sometimes it’s not steadfastness but stubbornness and resistance to change. Right now, Venus is in her own sign of Taurus, endowing you with extra charm and social ease, which means this is a month to get out and circulate and take risks of the heart. If you’re looking for love, the stars are aligning, because a whole bunch of planets are urging you to bust out of your self-made confinement and open up to possibilities. There’s also a lot of activity on the personal finance front, with opportunities in publishing or tech opening up.

bottle of Gulfi Cerasuolo di Vittoria

Gulfi Cerasuolo di Vittoria (~$23)

Not quite a red, not quite a rosé, Cerasuolo is a style of wine that won’t fit neatly into any categorical box — just like you. As you hit the social circuit this month, you can feel confident bringing this bottle to any backyard barbecue or roof deck party. It’s crowd-pleasing and playful, made from Frappato and Nero d’Avola, showing bright berry flavors and fresh acidity. Serve it chilled or at room temperature, as you wish. Gulfi farms organically in Sicily, using low intervention methods.


Happy birthday, Gemini! And welcome to a new year that’s going to be a wild ride. You’ve got a huge amount of socializing going on, with new friends and colleagues coming into your life. Bright, fast-moving, fast-talking people are indicated, offering distraction at every turn — as if a Gemini ever needed distraction. You’ve had a whole lot of unsettling changes over the past few years, and this year is the right time to decide where and who you want to be. If your job has felt like a shoe that doesn’t quite fit, now’s the time to strike out for a new one. If your abode feels less like home than it did, time for a move. This is also the year to invest in further education and professional development if you are to move faster and further in your career. Everything is in flux right now, so don’t just go along for the ride — make sure what comes next is something of your own choosing.

bottle of Raventós i Blanc ‘de Nit’ Brut Cava Rosé

Raventós i Blanc de Nit Brut Cava Rosé (~$29)

Sometimes, you just need to let loose — and a bubbly rosé is a great place to start. Celebrate another trip around the sun and welcome new friends into your orbit with this fresh sparkler from one of Spain’s most iconic producers. The pale pink wine is dry and delicately flavored — red flowers, citrus, white peaches, — with fine bubbles, and a smooth texture.  


Morning is breaking, Cancer, and a new day is dawning. Aggressive Mars and expansive Jupiter have joined together and they’re putting you under enormous pressure to change your focus and finally make decisions you have been putting off. A house move, maybe. The way to get through this month is to recognize that there are new opportunities on the horizon and new doors opening, and that discomfort you are feeling is merely resistance to change. It’s time to try something new, whether that’s a new career direction, a new fashion style, or a new commercial venture. What will also help is kvetching to friends. Open up a nice bottle of wine, pour everyone a glass, and don’t draw breath until all your angst is out of your system, and into someone else’s. You may want to have two bottles on hand, because you have a lot to get off your chest. There is also the possibility of an inheritance.

bottle of attis Xion Albario

Attis Xion Albariño (~$22)

As you adjust your sails and start charting a new course, it’s prudent to be frugal. But that doesn’t mean sacrificing quality — if you know where to look. This delicious, organic Albariño far over-delivers for the price, made by a small cooperative of family-run wineries in Spain. Bright, flavorful, and refreshing, it’s an ideal house white, and one you’ll want to keep sipping all evening with your closest confidantes. 


A dazzling aspect to Jupiter, the planet of benevolence, sees you at your majestic best this month. This is the time to launch yourself on a grand tour, as overseas travel is strongly indicated. Buy tickets to a Grand Prix, as fast cars and fast living are all over your chart in June. On the business front, deals will be signed and contracts completed. A new partner of some kind will be entering your life toward the end of the month. You’re going to be out and about in the world this month, both giving and receiving great hospitality. Everyone expects Champagne from you — so surprise them, with something else entirely.

bottle of Roederer Estate L'Ermitage Brut

Roederer Estate L’Ermitage Brut (~$64)

Defy expectations with a remarkable sparkler that rivals the best Champagnes. Roederer is best known for its benchmark-setting Champagnes, but this bottle comes from the brand’s California outpost, Roederer Estate, tucked in a foggy, cool coastal area of Mendocino. The L’Ermitage label is only produced in the best years, a Tête de Cuvée made from estate grapes that shows exceptional complexity and length. Snap up any vintage you can find.


Some members of the Virgo clan are going to have a very, very interesting month. Those of you who are forensic accountants, detectives, or auditors are going to be uncovering fraud and other crimes, and bringing down major criminals by doing what you do best — nitpicking over details. Swoon! 

The rest of you will, unfortunately, have to nitpick away without receiving any public recognition in return. Pay particular attention to contracts and joint accounts, as you’re sure to spot some irregularities. It will distract you from the fact that something is coming to a close — a child is about to leave home for the first time, or a creative project is coming to the end of its life. Keep a bottle of crisp white wine on hand, for toasts to past successes and future opportunities.

bottle of 2020 Tremblay-Marchive Chablis Grand Cru

Tremblay-Marchive Chablis Grand Cru 2020 (~$24)

This bottle is a rare find: a pedigreed, Grand Cru Chablis for under $30. What’s more, it’s organically farmed, made by a woman-led estate that’s a benchmark producer of classically styled Chablis. Made entirely in stainless steel, the wine is crisp and fresh, with pear and citrus flavors, and chalky minerality. At this price, stock up for casual aperitifs and celebratory meals alike.


This is going to be a month to remember, Libra. You’re a cardinal sign, meaning you like to be in charge, despite your courteous, “no, you go first,” ways. But a whole bunch of planets are going into competitive and oppositional cardinal signs, forcing you to grapple with issues on many fronts. It’s an alignment called a T-square, and it will affect key areas of your chart, including your sense of self, and your partnerships, plus your feelings toward your parents and your home. In particular, the lineup of Mars and Jupiter in your house of long-term relationships asks you to consider who is most important to you. The healthiest way to deal with this is to reconnect with important relationships and affirm how important they are to you. One surprising side effect may be that the one cardinal area of your life that isn’t affected by the cosmic shenanigans — your career — may accelerate.

bottle of Chateau Montelena Chardonnay Napa Valley

Chateau Montelena Napa Valley Chardonnay (~$62)

Few American estates have a history as long and celebrated as Chateau Montelena. Its Chardonnay beat out top French Burgundies in the famed 1976 Judgement of Paris. In the decades since, the winery has continued to produce top-rated wines. That consistency and reliability? Just what you’re looking for as you confront challenges on the personal and professional front. Pour a glass of this complex, layered wine, and consider it a worthy reward as you do the work.


There are heavy obligations to shoulder this month, Scorpio, but if anybody can bear a burden or two, it’s you. Scorpios strike terror into other signs, and this month you seem to be surrounded by fear as if partners are reluctant to say the wedding vows out loud, or sign that contract. You are also driven by impatience and a feeling that something you badly want will never happen. Stop, wait, and think about your greatest strength — steadfastness. With Saturn in his own sign of Aquarius in your Fourth House of foundations, everything is on track. You’re just playing a waiting game. The good news is that your creativity and originality have never been higher, as your Fifth House of children and creativity is jam-packed with planets. Either you’re about to have an extremely gifted child, or you’re about to create something amazing. Whatever it is, just wait for things to unfold in their own good time.

bottle of 2020 Field Recordings SKINS Orange Wine

Field Recordings Skins Orange Wine 2020 (~$19)

Get your creative juices flowing with this aromatically intense orange wine. It’s an unconventional blend of skin-fermented Chenin Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Albariño, with other grapes mixed in. Apricots, almonds, and orange zest lead on the nose and palate, supported by a tea-like astringency and textural complexity. The bottling is one of the most popular wines from Andrew Jones, a noted grapevine nurseryman in Paso Robles who plants vineyards for vintners across California, and makes these wines as his passion project.


Time to focus on your home, Sagittarius. If you’ve been procrastinating on getting things done, roll up your sleeves and get going, because if you harness these energies, excellent renovations and financially beneficial improvements are indicated. If you don’t, expect burst pipes and burnt-out lights. For the same reason, you should pay any outstanding bills, so you’re in good financial shape when the house or land bargain of a lifetime appears. 

You’ll also be doing a lot of socializing this month, as people will be beating a path to your door wanting some of your straight-to-the-point advice. Make sure the couch is clean, and do try not to be flippant. You are also likely to meet a fast-talking, fun-loving person. If you’re in the market for love, you will be swept away by their humor and charm. If you’re looking for a business partner, beware. This person is all talk and no action.

bottle of 2021 Yetti and the Kokonut Mt Savagnin White natural

Yetti and the Kokonut Savagnin 2021 (~$37)

You’ll be entertaining at home this month, so stock up on a uniquely delicious wine that’ll get your guests talking. Savagnin is the famed grape from France’s Jura region, most often made into vin jaune, a wine that’s similar to Sherry, but without fortification. That’s not what you’ll find here, though. This natural, skin-fermented white is fresh and fun, with intense aromatics — apricot, pineapple, beeswax — clean acidity, white-tea tannins, and a long finish. It’s made by a young, talented duo in South Australia known for their boundary-pushing bottles.


Your ruler Saturn is passing through your Second House of personal resources this month, but he’s in retrograde. Everything will suddenly feel anxiety-producing, particularly on the work and career front, and your first impulse will be to hunker down, clip coupons, and live on cat food. Do not give in to this impulse. Live with the uncertainty until late October, when the sun will come out and you will finally receive financial and social rewards for all your hard work. 

In the meantime, focus on tying up loose ends to do with family, particularly siblings. In good news, those of you with children will suddenly discover new reasons to feel proud of them. One or more will display a talent you never expected, like a wonderful singing voice. But make sure you don’t crush a fledgling talent by expecting adult-level professionalism. Be encouraging! To help you get through their faltering attempts at playing the trumpet without grimacing, pour yourself a glass of something nice. Wine is good, grimacing is bad.

bottle of Pedro Parra y Familia I Imaginador Cinsault

Pedro Parra y Familia Imaginador Cinsault (~$23)

There’s enough uncertainty in the world. An enjoyable glass of wine at the end of the day? That can be a sure thing with this delicious, affordable Cinsault. Floral aromatics evolve into sour cherries and red fruit, with crunchy freshness and a notable mineral streak. Pedro Parra, a leading winemaker and viticulturist in the New Chile movement, makes this juicy crowd-pleaser from old vines planted in Chile’s southerly Itata region. 


Time to get your big-boy pants out of the drawers, Aquarius. Not because anything bad is about to happen, but because you’re full of energy and frustrations, and you need to channel them into new projects and new creative ventures. Your Second House of personal resources and money is literally on fire, and you’re longing to get out and do things. But your ruler Saturn is sitting in the First House of self and personality, acting like a brake on your ambitions. Every time an opportunity appears, it seems to vanish again. The lesson of this month is to come down to earth, plan things carefully, and learn to live with frustrations. They’re only temporary. The decisions you make now will pay off for decades to come. Best of all, you’re surrounded by people who support you. Take time out with them, to just chill. The world will take care of itself.

bottle of Biokult Zweigelt Pinot Noir Red Blend

Biokult Zweigelt Pinot Noir Red Blend (~$17)

Looking to ignite your wildest ambitions? This wine can help. It’s a perfumed, ethereal red made by a collective of dreamers — organic farmers in Austria who banded together with the vision of creating joyful, terroir-driven wines at an accessible price point. Red raspberries and flowers lead into red fruit and spice flavors, with a silky mouthfeel and juiciness that will pop when served with a bit of a chill.  


So, you feel like a fraud right now, Pisces. In your dreams and private life, everything is serious and full of worry. But to everybody else, you are full of charisma and the life of the party. Invitations and opportunities keep coming your way, even though you want to do nothing more than to hunker down and hide from the world. You will hear from people you haven’t heard from for a long time, because this month is full of nostalgia and reunions. Family, particularly siblings, also seem to want a piece of you. Financially you will be offered a deal that you shouldn’t pass up, most likely to do with property. If your siblings suggest you go into a property syndicate together, say “yes”. Everything’s good, Pisces. Stop stressing.

bottle of 2021 Ameztoi Rubentis Rosé Getariako Txakolina

Ameztoi Rubentis Rosé Getariako Txakolina 2021 (~$24)

It’s summertime. Embrace carefree living with this Spanish rosé Txakolina made from a field blend of organically farmed, indigenous grapes. The wine is low alcohol with fresh acidity and gentle effervescence, and delicate flavors of strawberry and citrus. It’s an anytime wine, perfect for all the weekend brunches and reunion gatherings on your calendar this month.