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7 Canned Wines For Your Next Picnic

Leave the corkscrew behind and open one of these refreshing sips

Janice Williams By July 26, 2021
photo collage of canned wines
Photo illustration by Allison Kahler.

Turning up at a picnic or beach party with a cooler full of canned wines would have earned you a couple of frowns from guests a few years ago. Canned wines have historically lacked in flavor and quality, but that all seems to be changing. Thanks to innovative and Instagram-worthy packaging, and more winemakers ensuring canned wine tastes as exciting and refreshing as its label, canned wines are making a big splash. 

Here are 7 canned wines worth cracking open at your next outdoor event.

can of Yes We Can Sway Rosé

Yes We Can Sway Rosé ($16/4-pack)

This 187mL rosé-in-a-can, produced by Yes We Can Wine, is made entirely from grapes grown in Texas’ High Plains. It’s a winner for those who like their rosé bone dry. And according to Rachael Wolz, a wine consultant and distribution professional in West Texas, this can is the ultimate match for a hot day at the pool. “With beautiful notes of strawberry and watermelon, this wine will pair with every summer staple, from potato chips to tacos to barbecue. Or simply pair this with your favorite pool, patio, or body of water,” she says.

can of Bonterra Organic Vineyards Rosé

Bonterra Organic Vineyards Rosé ($18/4-pack)

Like most of the grapes used in Bonterra wines, this canned rosé is made with organic and sustainably-farmed fruit grown within the Mendocino area of California wine country. The winery has maintained biodynamic vineyards since 1987, and they even employ sheep to do the mowing between vines. As for taste, the canned wine displays “tropical notes followed by key lime and florals,” says Ashley Lewis, a San Diego-based sommelier. “It’s been my go-to canned wine for a few years now.” Each pack includes 250mL cans. 

can of Ramona Dry Sparkling Rosé

Ramona Dry Sparkling Rosé ($20/4-pack)

If you were to pour this wine in a glass, you’d never guess that it came from a can, according to Chelsie Petras, co-host of the wine and lifestyle podcast, “Babes and Booze.” Made from organic Montepulciano and Sangiovese grapes, the wine in the 250mL cans hail from the Abruzzo region of Italy. “Unlike a lot of canned sparkling wines, which tend to have extra residual sugar, this one is extra dry, floral, and has a wonderful acidity that sometimes gets lost in the can,” Petras says.

can of GAZE Wine Cocktails California Coconut Water Wine

GAZE Wine Cocktails California Coconut Water Wine ($36/6-pack)

Yes, you read that right. This canned wine is made with an infusion of coconut water, Moscato, and Chardonnay sourced from a mix of vineyards throughout California. “Aside from having perhaps the most beautiful branding in the canned wine market, GAZE Wine Cocktails sets itself apart by also having some of the most unique and playful flavorings out there,” says Amber Lucas, a Sonoma-based wine influencer. “The tropical fruit notes are unexpected and work together beautifully. These are sure to be a hit at all your summer picnics and beach trips!” Lucas continues.

can of Maker Sonoma County Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Maker Sonoma County Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc 2020 ($48/6-pack)

Crisp bubbles? Check. Fully flavorful? Double-check. “It’s incredibly fresh and bright with lovely citrus notes and racy acidity,” says Lewis. Maker was founded by three women, Sarah, Kendra and Zoe, who wanted to bring small-batch wines to cans. The wines are made by Bodkin Wines winemaker, Chris Christensen. While other canned varieties of the brand are available, this particular one, comprised of 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes, is one of Maker’s most notable cans. It picked up a gold medal and a 90-point score at the 2020 Sunset Magazine International Wine Competition

can of Protector Cellars California Rosé

Protector Cellars California Rosé ($84/12-pack)

These 250mL cans include a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Sauvignon Blanc. True, the rosé’s fresh and fruity flavor is worth raving about, but it’s Protector Cellars’ commitment to sustainability that makes drinking the cans all the more worth it, according to Petras. “They also are on a mission to actively reduce their carbon footprint and be what they call climate positive,” Petras says. And by climate positive, Protector Cellars winemaker, Alexander Katz, means purchasing fruit from wineries that have significantly reduced their greenhouse gas output. Protector also opts for cans, instead of glass, to eliminate over 60% of the brand’s packing portion emissions, and they work with environmental organizations that plant trees across the globe.

can of McBride Sisters Collection SHE CAN Central Coast Rosé

McBride Sisters Collection SHE CAN Central Coast Rosé ($91/12-pack)

Robin and Andrea McBride have made quite the splash with bottle offerings from their McBride Sisters Collection and Black Girl Magic labels. The sisters’ canned wines — the brand’s latest product in their growing empire — are gaining popularity too. The cans were created as part of a mission to empower women in wine, with proceeds from can purchases helping with the McBride Sisters SHE CAN Professional Development Fund, which helps give women more work opportunities within the wine industry. It’s also worth noting that the juice in the can is as good as the bottle. “The rosé has a nice, gentle effervescent activity on the palate and is the perfect crisp summer drink, with notes of ripe summer strawberries and red fruits,” says Lucas. “Fun fact: two cans equal a full bottle of wine.”