Bodega Goulart

Many years later, in 1988, his granddaughter Erika brought these old vineyards back to life and added a new section planted with Torrontes. A new Winery was established in Mendoza to vinify the fruits of their family’s labor. Erika Goulart’s life story began in Brazil as the grand-daughter of Marshal Gastao Goulart. Marshall Goulart was the leader of Brazil’s Constitutional Revolution in1932. In 1915 while living in Mendoza, he purchased two separate 15-hectare properties and planted them with Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. While in political exile in Mendoza, Marshal Goulart purchased a 28 hectare vineyard in Lunlunta in 1928. The vineyard is part of Mendoza’s Primera Zona, near Lujon de Cuyo, which became Argentina’s first controlled appellation. Some 70 years later Erika and her husband discovered the deed to the old abandoned vineyard and laid claim to it. Hiring an experienced agricultural engineer, Mauricio Parodi, she set out to restore the vineyard back to its original condition.

It took 6 years to replant some vines and get the vineyard and vines into the correct balance to produce quality wines. It wasn’t until she hired Luis Barraud as a consultant winemaker that the full benefits of all her work were finally realized. (Luis and his wife are partners with Paul Hobbs in Cobos.) Today the wines of Bodega Goulart are mostly Malbec and Cabernet based with many of the original vines of 80 years still producing concentrated and penetrating wines in the upper level range of Reserva, The Marshall and Gran Vin.??

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