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Sierra Foothills, USA
Lucid Wines Urban Flora Rosé

From the producer: Saignée-style rose, fermented in neutral oak & aged 8 months on the yeast (sur lees). Saignee is the process of crushing red grapes and leaving the skins and juice in contact with each other for a certain amount of time- in this case 2 days - and then you bleed or “saignee” the juice off of the skins. Since the juice of a red grape is clear but the skins contribute the color, the amount of time you leave them together determines the amount of red color and red fruit flavors that you extract into the wine, and determines your rose color & style. Our rose is darker due to the 2 days on the skins, also giving it those lovely light red fruit flavors. Finally, we often blend a small amount of aromatic white wine (Viognier & Muscat) into the rose to add a tropical & floral note. After fermentation, the wine is aged in 15% new French oak & 15% cherry wood in neutral oak vessels to allow the wine to mellow out and obtain an extra depth & creaminess.