About Pix

Pix is the world’s first wine discovery platform with a simple matchmaking mission: to pair people with bottles that bring them joy. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect Prosecco to bring to a surprise party. Or you’re an unabashed cork dork hunting for that Slovenian stunner you sipped on vacation. With a surprisingly clever search engine, alongside bottle reviews and articles from trusted voices in wine, you’re just a click and a clink away from your new favorite bottle. 

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Our Commitment to the World

Our Mission

To connect people with wine.

Our mission is as simple as it is essential. We exist to connect as many people to the world of wine as we can. We’re here to build a bigger tent for wine, and to invite everyone inside.

Our Vision

A wine world that welcomes everyone,
no matter what they want from wine.

If we accomplish our goals, we’ll have grown the ranks of wine lovers everywhere, shown more people that there’s a place for them in wine, while at the same time helping producers and retailers be successful. In other words, we’re changing the world of wine for the better. 

Our Commitment to our Customers

As a Pix customer, you have the right to:


No matter who you are or what you want from wine, our products, people, and services are dedicated to making sure you get what you want and need. If you drink wine you are part of our crew, and we will welcome you with open arms.


We strive to list only wines that are actually available for sale at their real prices, and we will not work with any retailer that tries to game our system. We have a zero tolerance policy for bait and switch retailing. We will clearly mark any sponsored product or content, and ensure we always have more unbiased editorial than paid advertising. We will never earn a dollar at the expense of either our consumers or our trade partners’ trust.


We will provide the most accurate and complete information about a product as we possibly can, including but especially its price. We will provide any and all non-private data that our customers (both consumers and trade) need to make the best decisions possible. 


We will always adhere to the strictest standards of privacy and information sharing, refusing to sell or share individual or private customer information or data under any circumstances.


Our job is connecting you to wine. Whether it’s a specific wine you’re searching for, or a wine we can suggest to meet your needs, everything we do is focused on matching people with the bottles that will make them happy.


If something goes wrong, we will make it right. Customers can always talk to a human being, including our CEO, and expect that we do the right thing, no matter what. There is nothing more important to us than the success of our customers. 

Our Commitment to our Community

Diversity and Inclusion

As a company, we aspire to the highest standards of diversity and inclusion. The wine industry has historically faced challenges providing equal opportunities to all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, economic status, and other diverse backgrounds. 

With that in mind, we have proactively adopted a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) plan to guide our thinking and actions as we build a new kind of wine technology company. Our DEI plan is not a one-and-done template. It is a continual journey steered by the views of our employees, the people we partner with, and the feedback of objective, external advisors.

At Pix, we believe that inclusion unlocks innovation. We embrace the power of diverse perspectives, and seek to elevate people in the industry who are driving positive change. Our goal is to make Pix accessible for wine enthusiasts from all backgrounds, and to contribute to a more equitable future for the wine industry.”

- Paul Mabray, Pix CEO

Our Actions

Inclusive companies don’t happen passively; they take deliberate, conscious action. We have built Pix with inclusion at the heart of what we do. As we work to build a business that benefits all parts of the wine industry, these are the first steps we’re taking:

Management trainings focused on leading diverse and inclusive teams

We have explored impactful and sustainable ways business can incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion. Importantly, we have also learned about our own values and biases so that, as a team, we can ensure we lead the business inclusively, and with integrity.

Developing a website that is accessible for those with unique impairments

We have partnered with AccessiBe to improve the web accessibility of our products so that everyone, with or without disabilities, can enjoy what we have to offer.

Sourcing diverse suppliers, writers, and wine professionals, providing a platform for a broad spectrum of voices

Have a suggestion for someone we should be working with? Email us at hi@pix.wine

Building a team with diverse talent

Finding diverse talent in the industries of wine and tech has its challenges. But we are committed to attracting and retaining the best talent possible, working with advisors and partners to develop policies and practices to ensure that people from all backgrounds know about Pix and see it as a great place to work.